Whisper Quiet Lite Review – 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic

If you are hair dryer shopping and you like pleasant surprises then you will like what you are about to hear about this quieter hair dryer. It certainly surprised us with how well it works and all the features it has for the budget-friendly price it sells for.

Maybe it is not the super high-end model that some salon stylists like but there are definitely those who will love it for personal or salon styling use. Read on and learn more about this one of the quietest hair dryer that is really a great deal.

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Taking a Quick Glance at Whisper Quiet Lite Hair Dryer

Here is a brief look at the pros and cons that you get with this lower noise level hair dryer:


  • 1875 watts of styling and drying power
  • Ceramic tourmaline ionic technology
  • 4 heat settings/2 air speed settings
  • 70 – 74 decibel rated
  • Cool shot button
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not dual voltage capable
  • Working the switches takes a little getting used to

Whisper Quiet Lite Hair Dryer’s Key Characteristics

Here is a blow dryer that is nicely powered at 1875 watts. That means it will produce enough heat and enough air volume to quickly dry almost any type of hair. We thought this was pretty impressive for the size of this hair dryer.

This is an especially nice hair dryer to use on thin, fine or overly sensitive hair. That is due to the fact that it uses both ceramic and tourmaline crystal coatings on its inner working parts. Ceramic makes the heat that comes out of this blow dryer more even so you do not get hot spots that can damage the hair. Tourmaline crystals produce negative ions which make less heat required to dry you or your clients’ hair strands which helps to keep them from frizzing up and getting split ends.

There is also a generous amount of heat and air settings you can choose from with this competent hair styling tool. It has 4 heat settings and 2 air volume settings that make for several different combinations for blow drying different types of hair.

It is lightweight (1.3 pounds) and fairly compact too. There is also a handy cool shot button to help hair stay in place once it’s been styled and the power cord on it is 9 feet long which is enough to allow ample freedom of movement as you use it.

The Signature Feature on the Whisper Quiet Lite Hair Dryer

If your main focus, while you are hair dryer shopping, is on finding one that does not have an irritating low-pitched drone and is fairly quiet overall then you have spotted the right hair dryer for you.

This hair dryer boasts a decibel level of just over 70 decibels. That is 20% – 30% less noise than the average hair dryer produces. You will not find many hair dryers that operate in this low decibel range.

Areas That Could Use Improvement with Whisper Quiet Lite Hair Dryer

Whisper Quiet Lite Hair Dryer Review - 1875 Watt Ionic CeramicOne of the areas of concern with the Whisper Quiet Lite Hair Dryer is the toggle switches it uses to change between on and off and also the various speed/heat settings. It is a fairly awkward process as can be attested to by the fact that many owners of this blow dryer have complained about this very thing.

With its power and size, it would make an excellent travel dryer. Sad to say though it has no dual voltage capability that will allow you to take it to another country with you.

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 Review Summary

If you are looking for a very quiet hair dryer yet are on a limited budget then you need to take a serious look at this blow dryer. We thought it has a lot to offer considering the price point it has.

Anytime you get a fair price on a hair dryer that has over 1800 watts of drying power, is super quiet and even includes ceramic tourmaline ionic technology, then you have to take a step back and say wow this is a deal that I really need to seriously consider. This compact and lightweight hair dryer is really that good of a deal for all you get with it.

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