must have hair toolsAre you fussy and particular about the way your hair looks each day when you leave home? If you are that way then you are definitely in the majority. That is why some of the most important items that you own are your hair styling tools. If you are like most people you may not be getting the most out of these tools. This is usually because they are not matched up properly with the type of hair you have or they simply are not a quality built hair styling product.

That is where we come into play. At we have dedicated ourselves to helping match you up with the perfect tools to style your hair. We have all the information you will ever need on the best hair tools for women. The hair styling tools we will introduce you to on this website will not only help your hair look better but you will be able to style it faster and with less effort

How Do We Go About Getting You the Important Hair Tool Info You Need?

In case you were wondering how we will guide you to the perfect curling iron, blow dryer or other hair styling tool for your needs; we seek to do this in several ways. For one, we will do several in-depth reviews on the top hair tools available that will not only describe to you the features they have but we will also tell you what type of hair they are best suited for. We do this because no hair tool ever made should be considered to be a one size fits all solution to every person’s hair styling needs.

Another thing we seek to accomplish on is to help inform you as to why each type of hair tool works well on certain types of hair. That is the very best way to get you into a styling tool for your hair that satisfies you each and every time you use it. How nice will that be for a change?

Why Trust Us

Trust UsWhat makes us different from the hundreds of other hair styling tool sites that clutter the internet? It starts with trust.

With many websites, you are getting the opinion of one single person that may or may not even have used that hair tool for women. Rest assured that will never be the case with us because we will always seek to give you the opinions of many hair tool users. That is the only way you will be able to make an informed styling tool purchasing decision and end up being happy that you bought that product.

What you get with is a whole team of people working together. When we review a product you not only get the opinions of our staff but you will also get the expert opinions from professionals and other individual users that have used that hair styling tool. You will be able to take the consensus opinion we give you and then use that information to get the exact blow dryer, curling iron, hot air brush or other hair styling tool to meet your needs.

We will even go to great lengths to point out the intangibles that the hair styling tools we review have. Such things as the length of the power cord on a blow dryer, the safety features on a curling iron has or the warranty on a hair straightener can be just as important as how that hair tool performs. That is why we go the extra mile to get you all the information you need to make a sound styling tool buying decision.

Professional Hair Dryers

professional hair dryers

Have you ever seen one of your colleagues show up for work and you are taken back because their hair is full of frizz and flyaway ends? It’s a pretty safe bet that person just got done using a very generic hair dryer on the highest heat setting for much longer than they needed to. Now this woman will be left fretting all day about her hair. This is something that could have easily been avoided simply by using the right type of hair dryer on the right settings.

The secret is the best hair dryers in the beauty tools marketplace don’t just dry hair. They dry hair and so much more. If you did not know about what makes for a good hair dryer before you came to you certainly will know that and more if you take the time to read some of the informative articles on our pages.

Here are some of the features that you will find on the best hair dryers available in the beauty marketplace:

  • Multiple heat settings
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Crystal-infused barrels to moisturize your hair and fight frizz
  • Ceramic and metal coated heater parts to promote fast and even heating
  • Long power cords with anti-tangle swivel ends
  • Easy to use controls
  • Lighter weight

It’s not just about the power and features of hair dryers that you will learn here. You will get useful information on things like why you need to get your hair damp dry before blow drying it and why the highest heat setting on your hair dryer is not always the smartest choice.

You will not find more insightful information on hair dryers and how to select them anyplace on the web.

Professional Curling Irons

Professional Curling Irons

Curling hair is an art form. Like any art form, you have to have the right tool to do it with. You don’t use a chisel when shaping delicate glass or a sharp knife when painting on canvas. That is exactly what using the wrong curling iron on your hair is like. You simply won’t be able to get your curls to come out looking right and last a long time.

To put it simply we will tell you everything you need to know about selecting and using a curling iron. You will learn why you need a curling iron with lower heat settings for fine hair and why a curling iron with ultra-high heat settings works best on thick hair. There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to matching the curling iron you will use for your hair type and curling needs.

What are the important things to look for when shopping for a curling iron? Look at all there is to consider these simple hot hair curling devices:

  • How many heat settings it has
  • The temperature range of those heat settings
  • Barrel size and shape
  • Barrel coatings to help with even heating
  • Digital temperature input and readout
  • Crystal infusion to help avoid drying your hair and reduce split-ends

Safety – cool tips, automatic shutoffs, safety stands, protective gloves, heat shields
It takes a trained salon professional many days to learn some of the information you will find on curling irons right here on

Professional Flat Irons & Hair Straighteners

Professional Flat Irons & Hair Straighteners

Did you know there is no such thing as perfectly straight hair? Even hair that looks straight will show a little curvature to it when placed under a microscope. It sort of makes you wonder why people are insistent on always trying to straighten their hair.

Thank goodness there is a large variety of flat irons and hair straighteners in the marketplace to take care of everyone’s needs. Most importantly we will tell you about many of the best models of these important hair styling tools and also give you the helpful information you need in order to buy the right one for your particular type of hair.

Like the other hair tools, we review on our website we expect them to do more than just their main function of straightening hair. A good flat iron will straighten your hair without overdrying it, allow your hair to flow smoothly across it when its released and even add a touch of shine to your hair.

So learn to expect the unexpected from your hair straightener and we will tell you exactly how to go about doing that.

Hot Air Brushes

Hot Air BrushesMaybe some people can’t walk and chew gum at the same time but we have a bunch of hair that will allow anyone to brush their hair as they dry it. Think of the time you will save in the bathroom in the morning as you get ready to leave the house. That is why hot air brushes are all the rage these days.

You might be wondering if these devices are more like a blow dryer with an attached brush or a brush that pushes air through the bristles to dry your hair too. In all actuality, the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

These great hair tools do more than just brushing and drying your hair too. More innovative models will even do such things as add volume and shine to your hair as you use them.

So if you want to start regaining a lot of minutes of your life back by saving time when you do your hair in the morning, then make sure you read the reviews on our best hot air brush models and heed our advice on what it takes to find the perfect hot air brush for you.


Straightening Brushes

Straightening BrushesOne of the newest rages as far as hair tools go is what is called straightening brushes. These are not to be confused with a straight iron because they work so much differently. They do not even remotely resemble their high heat cousins with their flat plate construction.

Straightening brushes actually look more like a regular hairbrush with an attached power cord. As a matter of fact, if you removed the cord from one of them you would most likely think it was an ordinary hairbrush. Rest assured though that these devices are far from being a normal hair brush.

Although these devices are called hair straightening brushes they are actually designed to do a whole lot more than just that. Here are some of the things that good quality straightening brushes can do for your hair:

  • They will use heat to help straighten your hair as you brush it (not the ultra-high heat like flat irons have)
  • With more surface area than a plate style hair straightener, they do their job much faster
  • Many have metal, ceramic and ionic infusion in them to help protect your hair and keep it from becoming frizzy
  • They will add volume and shine to your hair as you brush it too
  • Straightening brushes have not been around as long as some of the other hair tools on this website.
  • Because of that, many new innovations and other fun variations of them are beginning to appear rapidly in the beauty marketplace. You can read all about these handy hair tools on our website and get some informational reviews on some of the top model straightening brushes too.

Just Because It Works Great Doesn’t Mean It’s Expensive

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because the hair tools that we have taken the time to review work great that they are also very pricey models. As you read along with us you will come to find out we will review hair tools in all different price ranges that work great. Armed with that type of information you will be able to find a few hair styling tools on here that are incredible bargains.

Start Your Hair Tool Buying Journey with Us

Whether you found us through word of mouth, careful planning or just good fortune you have come to the right place for accurate information on hair styling tools. Telling people about all the different features of great hair tools and what type of hair they are best used on is something that we enjoy doing. We are passionate about what we do and we love guiding you towards purchasing the right hair tools for your individual styling needs.

Can we guarantee that you will never have a bad hair day again now that you have found us? We are good but not that good. What we can guarantee is that if you follow our advice on this website you will definitely have a lot fewer bad hair days than you did before.