The 7 Best Hot Air Brushes – (Reviews & Guide 2020)

Are you one of those ladies that wish you could get ready a little quicker in the morning? What if we told you that we had a way you could dry and style your hair faster each day? Well, that is exactly what this article is all about. We will discuss a very handy hairstyling tool called a rotating hot air brush. Not just any hot air brush is right for you though. Only the best hot air brushes will save you time and effort styling your hair.

How do these devices save you time to get ready each day? It’s because these are 2-in-1 hair tools that both dry and style your hair at the same time. When you own one your time spent in front of the mirror each day will be shorter and simpler. In this article, we will not only describe the key features of these handy hair tools but we will also do several hot air brush reviews.

Here is what we feel are the high-quality hot air brushes you can buy for the money you will spend on them:

Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Review

Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

  • Price: $$
  • Technology: Ceramic/Ionic technology
  • Settings: High, low and cool settings
  • Design: Oval Brush Design
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John Frieda 1 1/2 inch Hot Air Brush Review

John Frieda Hot Air Brush

  • Price: $$
  • Technology: Ceramic/Ionic technology
  • Settings: 2 heat settings plus cool setting
  • Design: Titanium ceramic-coated grille
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Infiniti Pro by Conair Wet / Dry Hot Air Styler Review

Infiniti Pro by Conair Wet / Dry Hot Air Styler

  • Price: $$$
  • Technology: Tourmaline Ceramic Technology
  • Settings: 2-speed slide switch, and a cool shot button
  • Design: Triple Action Styling Design
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Infiniti by Conair Pro Spin Rotating Hot Air Brush Review

Infiniti by Conair Pro Spin Rotating Hot Air Brush

  • Price: $$
  • Technology: Ionic conditioning/Tourmaline Ceramic
  • Settings: 2 heat plus cool settings
  • Design: Tangle-free antistatic bristle design
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BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 2 Inch Rotating Hot Air Brush

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

  • Price: $$$$
  • Technology: Nano Titanium technology
  • Settings: 3
  • Design: Rotating bristle Design
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Vidal Sasson VS433C Tangle-Free 2 -in -1 Hot Air Brush Review

Vidal Sassoon VS433C Tangle-Free 2 -in -1 Hot Air Brush

  • Price: $
  • Technology: 1” barrel size w/tangle-free bristles
  • Settings: 2 heat settings and 2-speed settings
  • Design: Rotating barrel design
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Best Hot Air Brush Reviews (Newest Models)

1. Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer ReviewIf a hot air brush is made by the reputable hair tool company Revlon you can rest assured it will work well. This is one of the few hot air brushes that can dry your hair as fast as a blow dryer when you are styling it. That’s because it features 1100 watt heating power. When that’s combined with its special venting it dries your hair quickly.

Other great features of the Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer include an oval brush shape for an extra lift near the roots and combination of bristles that resist tangling. It even has ionic/ceramic technology that helps protect your hair from high heat damage.

Read more: Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer


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2. John Frieda Hot Air Brush

John Frieda 1 1/2 inch Hot Air Brush ReviewIf you want a hot air brush that gives you some styling versatility you will want a closer look at this one. This popular John Frieda product features 500 watts of hear generating power and some specially designed air vents. It will do a nice job of drying your hair as you style it.

It even has other nice features on it such as fast heating and protective ceramic/ionic technology. There is also 2 heat different heat settings and a style locking cool setting too. Its titanium coated heater grill produces near instantaneous heat.

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3. Infiniti Pro by Conair Wet / Dry Hot Air Styler

Infiniti Pro by Conair Wet / Dry Hot Air Styler ReviewHere is a hot air brush that works great at styling wet or dry hair. That’s a nice option to have with these 2-in-1 hair styling tools. It has a triple action styling system that works great and a tension control brush head that resists tangling your hair when styling it. This hot air brush even produces gentle heat by means of far-infrared technology.

The best feature on it is its ceramic/tourmaline infusion. That helps this hot air brush heat evenly and it also helps avoid damaging your hair while drying and styling it. It’s a lightweight 1-pound so prolonged use is not a problem either.

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4. Infiniti by Conair Pro Spin Rotating Hot Air Brush

Infiniti by Conair Pro Spin Rotating Hot Air Brush ReviewMaybe you not only want to dry and style your hair each day but you want to do it effortlessly too. If that’s the case this may be the right hot air brush for you. It has an auto-rotating barrel that will make drying and styling your hair very simple.

There are other nice features on this Conair rotating hot air brush too. Take for instance its hair protecting ceramic/ion technology and its tangle-free, antistatic bristles. It even has such conveniences as a removable screen to protect the motor and it’s protected by a 3-year limited warranty.

Read more: Infiniti by Conair Pro Spin Rotating Hot Air Brush



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5. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 2 Inch Rotating Hot Air BrushThere are few names when it comes to quality hairstyling tools as strong as the name BaBylissPRO. This hot air brush from them only adds to that solid reputation. This is another auto-rotating hot air brush that makes styling and drying your hair at the same time as easy as pushing a button.

It also features advanced Nano Titanium technology. That means it heats up fast, stays hot while using it and helps your hair keep it critical moisture. It also has anti-static bristles so you won’t get unsightly flyaway hairs and it will give your hair some added shine too.

Read more: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 2 Inch Rotating Hot Air Brush



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6. Vidal Sassoon VS433C Tangle-Free 2 -in -1 Hot Air Brush

Vidal Sasson VS433C Tangle-Free 2 -in -1 Hot Air Brush ReviewVidal Sassoon is a big name in hair care products and this hot air brush from them does not disappoint. It is very effective at styling and drying your damp hair at the same time. The main feature on this hot air brush is its 1” barrel brush with tangle-free bristles. This brush can also rotate or lock in position depending on your styling needs.

Among the other good features on this hot air brush are its two (High/Low) heat settings and its cool tip for safety when styling with it. This hot air brush is lightweight and an excellent travel hot air brush thanks to its dual voltage capability.

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7. Helen of Troy 1 1/2″ Professional Rotating Hot Air Brush

Helen of Troy 1573 1 1/2" Professional Hot Air Brush ReviewHere is a very nicely designed hot air brush. With this Helen of Troy hot air brush, it’s all about how dynamic the barrel brush is. The 1 ½” barrel is great for making fuller curls and adding more body to your hair. It’s also a rotating and locking barrel design depending on what kind of hairstyle you are trying to make. This hot air brush even keeps your hair from getting tangles thanks to its flexible and soft ball-tipped bristles.

That is not all you get with this hot air brush model either. Among its other nice features are a built-in cool tip for safer styling and a soft grip handle design. It also comes with an 8-feet long tangle free power cord so you can work freely when using this hot air brush.

Read more: Helen of Troy 1573 1 1/2″ Professional Hot Air Brush


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What Exactly Is a Hot Air Brush?

Some of you who are reading this article may not even have known such a thing as a hot air brush even existed. That’s not surprising because only in the last few years have they really gained in popularity. In that time there have been amazing improvements to them.

A hot air brush is what’s known as a 2-in-1 hair tool. That because it does the job of both a hairdryer and a styling brush. The nice thing about a hot air brush is that it styles and dries at the same time. Finding the right hot air brush for your hair can be a real timesaver as you get ready for your day.

what is hot air brush

Hot air brushes offer those that use them many advantages besides just saving time too. They also combine moisture and heat which is a powerful combination when it comes to reshaping hair. This makes it possible for these handy hair styling tools to add curl, waves or straighten hair as you use them. That makes them very versatile hair styling tools, to say the least.

Hot air brush construction

You might be wondering how these hair styling devices accomplish all this? It has to do with how they are constructed. They have a motor just like any hairdryer. The difference is the forced air they make is distributed through small vents found throughout the hot air brush’s barrel. The airspeeds and heat are controlled by a switch similar to those found on any hairdryer.

These also have a barrel brush on one end to do the styling part of their job with. These come in varying widths and usually are made using anti-static bristles and other types of bristles that tend not to tangle hair easily. It’s also not unusual to see such things as protective ceramic, titanium, tourmaline or Nano infusion on their heater coils.

Buying Guide: How to Buy A Hot Air Brush

hot air brush reviews


Here are the most important things to consider when choosing which hot air brush to buy:

Top 11 Things To Consider to Buy A Hot Air Brush

  • Power
    How many watts your hot air brush has is a good thing to know. That will tell you how powerful a dryer function that particular hot air brush will have. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers will make this information easily available. It could be a red flag that it’s much less powered than a good functioning hairdryer.
    There are some general guidelines as far as wattage goes and how well a hot air brush will dry your hair:

    1. 250 watts or less
      You are not going to get a very powerful drying effect from a hot air brush that is in this watt range. It will almost certainly take you a long time to dry hair that is more than lightly damp. A hot air brush in this power range will do a nice job drying and styling hair that is 85% – 95% dry.
    2. 260 – 740 watts
      Most hot air brushes in this watt range are seeking a compromise. They want to mix some decent drying power while keeping the overall weight down. It is best to towel dry your hair as much as possible in order to dry and style your hair efficiently with a hot air brush powered in this watt range.
    3. 750+ watts
      When a hot air brush is powered by this many watts, in essence, you have a normal high powered hair dryer with a barrel brush on the end. It should dry your hair as fast as any good hairdryer found in the beauty marketplace. Even real wet hair should dry in a reasonable amount of time with this hot air brush.
  • Venting
    In case you thought watt power was the only factor in a hot air brush’s ability to dry hair think again. You can have all the watt power in the world in a hot air brush and it won’t make much difference if that warm air is not distributed right. That is where barrel brush venting comes into play. Pay particular attention to what a manufacturer says about the vents on their barrel brush. If they make a point to mention it, that usually means good vent design was an important factor when making their hot air brush product.
  • Heat and speed selection
    Not all hair types respond to the same heat when they are dried and styled. You also don’t want to get sensitive hair types (fine or thin hair) to hot because they can be easily damaged. That is why it’s nice if the hot air brush you buy has different heat and air speed settings.
    When shopping for a new hot air brush look for one that has at least a high and low heat setting. If they have more that’s great too. This is especially true if more than one person in your household will be using this hair styling tool. That way even people with sensitive hair types can share it.
  • Style set/Cool setting
    Just like it takes heat to reshape hair it takes cool air to keep it from going back to its natural state. That means if you put curls in your straight hair with a hot air brush they will start to go back straight as long as they still have heat in them. That is why it’s nice to have a cool setting on any hot air brush that you purchase.
    The faster you get that freshly style hair cooled the more likely it is to stay in place longer. It never hurts to quickly go over your hair on the cool setting after it has been styled to help set that style in place.
    Don’t confuse a dedicated cool setting with a cool shot button either. A cool shot button is just a quick blast of cool air that does not have the same cooling effect as a regular cool setting on your hot air brush.
  • Brush size
    The width of the barrel on your hot air brush makes a difference too. So make sure you consider this when making your hair styling tool purchase. Thinner barrel brushes such as those that are 1 – 1 ½” tend to be very versatile in nature. You can do tight curls and springy waves with them and straighten shorter hairstyles easier.
    Larger barrel sizes on hot air brushes have their own purposes too. Barrel sizes that are around 2” are great at creating bigger curls and also for adding more volume to your hair. They are faster at straightening longer hair than thinner width barrel brushes too.
  • Bristle type
    Not even bristles on a hot air brush are one size fits all feature on anymore. Manufacturers have actually gotten pretty creative with what they can do with bristles on hot air brushes.
    For instance; there are now bristles that are made with anti-static properties so you don’t get flyaway hair as easily when you style it with a hot air brush. You will also see rounded tip bristles and these are used to do such things as add volume and catch hair easier so it can be curled. So read what a manufacturer says their bristles are designed to do. Once you know that it will help you make your hot air brush buying decision based on your personal preference of bristle type.
  • Rotating barrels
    Having a rotating barrel on your hot air brush is a very useful feature. That’s because you use different techniques to do different types of styles with a hot air brush. For instance; you use long smooth strokes with a hot air brush when straightening hair. That task goes much easier if you have a rotating barrel that rolls along as you do these smooth strokes. It takes less effort on your part and you will get less hair snags too.
    Rotating barrels can be locked in place when doing other types of styles too. Curling hair is a good example of this. You don’t want your barrel to move because you need to wrap your hair around the bristles.
    So rotating barrels on a hot air brush will definitely help make your hair styling tasks easier.Rotating barrels
  • Auto-rotating barrels
    Maybe you are wondering what an auto-rotating barrel is? This is a motorized barrel on a hot air brush that will spin in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction when you push a button. It’s a nice feature to have because it’s less strain on your hands and wrist when styling your hair.
  • Weight
    Weight is certainly something to consider when it comes to selecting a hot air brush too. Of course, you will have to factor in how long you typically use your hot air brush. The longer it takes you to dry and style your hair the more weight becomes a factor because the faster your arms will get tired.
    So you may want that hot air brush with 1000 watts of drying power but there will be a tradeoff and that tradeoff will be in the form of weight. You have to be practical when making sure the hot air brush you purchase is a good weight for you to handle.
  • Dual voltage capability
    It’s so nice to own a hot air brush if you travel much. That’s because you don’t need to pack both a hair dryer and another hair styling tool to bring with you. It makes sense that the less you carry the less weight and the less room you need. There is a catch here too though if you travel overseas.
    The standard voltage for hair styling tools in the USA is 115V – 120V. Believe it or not, that is not the norm around the world. Most countries outside the USA have voltages in the 230V – 240V range. So you will have to have a hot air brush that works at all these voltages in order to be able to use it in foreign countries. That means you will need a hot air brush that is dual voltage capable. That way you can use it most any lace in the world if you have the proper plug adapter.
  • Warranty
    Hot air brushes are certainly not what you would consider to be disposable items. They can be fairly expensive if you have to replace them on a regular basis. In order not to worry about this you should get a hot air brush that has the best warranty possible. This means it has a warranty that covers all the parts on a hot air brush model and covers them for as long a period of time as possible. That will give you some extra peace of mind when making your hot air brush purchase.

The Different Types of Hot Air Brushes

best hot air brush

Just like with regular hair brushes you will find a lot of variety in the beauty marketplace when it comes to hot air brushes too. That is a good thing but it makes your buying decision a little harder at the same time. We will point out some of the main categories of hot air brush types. Keep in mind there are even big differences between hot air brush models in the same category.

  1. Static hot air brushes
    These are the first type of hot air brushes that were made. They basically serve two purposes and that is drying and brushing out hair. Their bristles do not go all the way around the barrel.
  2. Hot air curling brushes
    Eventually, hot air brushes changed so that they could be used to curl hair easier. This was done by making the bristles on the barrel brush go all the way around it. With this type of hot air brush, it was then easier to wrap the hair around the barrel of the tool to curl it. The barrels on these hot air brushes are usually oval or round in shape.
  3. Rotating barrel hot air brushes
    We have mentioned several times in this article that hot air brush manufacturers have gotten very creative over the years. One of the ways they have done that is to take a regular hot air curling brush and make it so its barrel will rotate on demand. This helps with such tasks as straightening hair so it does not get tangled in the brush easily. These rotating barrels can also be locked in place for doing such things as curling hair.
  4. Auto-rotating barrel hot air brushes
    These are basically rotating barrel hot air brushes on steroids. They have electric motors that spin the barrel for you. If you have weak hands, arthritis or just don’t want to exert yourself when using a hot air brush these work great.
  5. Straightening hot air brushes
    A straightening hot air brush looks like the offspring of a straightening iron and a hairbrush. Or if you would prefer they look like a flat iron with bristles on the plates. They tend not to be as rough on your hair as a flat iron when you go to straighten it.

Tips on How to Use a Hot Air Brush Correctly

hot air brush buying guideYou may be wondering if you are using your hot air brush properly?

That’s a good question because if you aren’t you may not be saving as much time as you should and getting the most styling benefit from this handy hair tool. Just to sort of point you in the right direction here are some helpful tips for you on how to best use your hot air brush.

  • Prep your hair properly before using your hot air brush
    It’s no secret that hair that is clean and free of residue is much easier to style and easier on your hot air brush too. So rake the time to prep your hair properly. A good washing with a volumizing shampoo is never a bad idea and neither is a leave-in conditioner.
    If you have an underpowered hot air brush (500 watts or less) it’s not going to dry wet hair very fast at all. That is why it’s best to get it 80% – 90% dry before starting to use your hot air brush to finish drying and styling it. Towel dry your hair to get it damp dry. Drying it with a blow dryer and then using a hot air brush on it will give your hair a double shot of high heat which may damage or over dry it.
    You can also add a heat protective serum or heat protective oil onto your hair at this time too. Don’t put anything on your hair that will leave residue which may hinder the hot air brush drying and styling process. Ask your salon professional what they recommend if you are not sure.
  • Take advantage of your new found freedom
    For decades many professional stylists and amateurs have been styling their hair by holding a hair dryer on one hand and a regular brush in the other. Doing anything else with your hands during this hair styling process was next to impossible. That is no longer the case when you use a hot air brush.
    Because of the way they are designed they free up one of your hands so you can do other things to assist the hair styling process with it. So take advantage of this. Use your free hand to help do such helpful things as further separate sections of hair as you style, better angle your hair so the hot air brush can latch on to it better or add styling serums when required during the styling process.
  • Keep your hot air brush clean
    This is one of the most often overlooked aspects of using any hair styling tool. Keeping your hot air brush clean will enable you to keep them working at peak performance levels.
    The two main areas to be concerned with as far as cleaning your hot air brush goes are its bristles and air intake screen. Bristles must be kept free from built-up hair and other solid matter in order to work right. When an air intake screen or filter starts to get clogged that will hurt your hot air brush’s airflow output and cause the motor to work at higher temperatures than it was designed to.
  • Run a comb through your hair before using your hot air brush
    It’s always a good idea to quickly run a comb through your hair before using your hot air brush. This will help get out any hair clumps or tangles that can hurt your hair drying and styling process with the hot air brush. Be gentle when doing this too even though we said do it quickly. You don’t want to tug out many strands of hair or damage your hair in other ways while combing through it.
  • Put your hair into sections
    This really applies to almost any process you do to your hair and not just hot air brushes. You will have an easier time drying and styling your hair if it’s done in sections. That way one area of your hair will tend not to get more attention than other areas of your hair and the finished look will be very even looking. You also tend to miss less spots when styling your hair after it’s been placed in sections.

How to Use a Hot Air Brush on Short Hair

Short hair is definitely not as easy to style as people seem to think. That is why there are special courses dedicated to it most professional hair styling courses. When professionals cut short hair it presents a whole different set of problems because of the shorter length and the less pronounced, more detailed sections of hair. It can be difficult to style with a hot air brush too.

Here are some things to keep in mind when styling a short hairstyle with a hot air brush:

  • Section your hair
    As was mentioned previously it’s easiest to style your hair when it’s placed in sections. Many people are under the impression that short hair does not have to be sectioned before styling it because there is less hair. That is entirely not true so section it if at all possible.
  • Use the right barrel brush width
    Large width barrels tend not to work well and can be clumsy when using them on short hair. That is why if you have short hair a barrel brush width of 1 ½” or less is preferred. This size barrel width lets you work close to your scalp which is important when adding volume or getting an all-around even style on your short hair. It will also allow you to do more precise detail work which is often required when styling your short hair with a hot air brush.
  • During the hot air brush styling and drying process
    If you were able to section your short hair then start the drying and styling process at the bottom back section of hair. Next, use your hot air brush to dry and style the crown of your head and the front. Do the sides last. This will get your styling results to look consistent and even throughout your head. It’s even preferred to work with small clumps of hair within the areas of your head that have been sectioned off to get the best results.
  • After you are done styling your short hair with the hot air brush
    Once you are finished using the hot air brush to dry and style your hair you will need to lock that style in place. You can do this by placing your hot air brush on its cool setting. Warm hair tends to want to go back to its old shape easier than hair that has been cooled. So quickly cooling your hair after styling it tends to hold it in place for longer periods of time.
    You can also add some holding spritzer or spray it lightly with hair hold spray. Be sure not to use a lot of hairspray or a type of hairspray that will leave residue on your hair strands. Excessive hairspray will hold it in place but it will also hurt the looks of your finished hairstyle. Ask your salon professional what they recommend you use.

Hot Air Brush FAQ’s

  1. Question: I always hear it’s important to keep your hot air brush clean so it will work well. How exactly do you go about doing this?
    Answer: You are right and this is a very good question. Hot air brushes have two important areas on them that need to be kept clean.
    The first is the air intake screen that traps lint and other debris from getting into your hot air brush’s motor. If this builds up it can block the air flow and cause the motor to overheat. This will shorten its useful life. The best way to clean it is to take out the removable screen if it has one. If not you will have to use something like a cloth and toothpick combination to get the embedded lint off the screen.
    The other area of concern that needs to be cleaned on your hot air brush is its bristles. These tend to build up residue over time on the bristles and get large amounts of hair trapped on them. You can lightly run a comb through the bristles to remove hair and other larger particles. Get the built-up residue off the bristles using a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol if they are synthetic or metal bristles. For natural bristle, hot air brushes just run under water and wipe well with a soft cloth.
  2. Question: Does it make a difference what type of brush and bristles I have on the barrel of my hot air brush?
    Answer: The answer to this question is it absolutely does. That’s why there is a variety of different barrel brushes on hot air brushes in the beauty marketplace. You need to match the style of barrel brush with what you are trying to accomplish with your new hot air brush.
    For instance; a hot air brush that has an oval or round barrel with bristles that go all the way around it is great for adding volume and curls to your hair. A hot air brush that does not have bristles that go all the way around the barrel and is flatter in design is better for drying and straightening hair.
    Ask a hair professional what type of hot air brush barrel brush they recommend for what you want to accomplish with this handy hair styling tool.
  3. Question: What is the difference between a hot air styling brush and a curling iron?
    Answer: It must be said that the differences between these two hair styling tools are subtle but important. For starters; curling irons have just one function and that is to add curl to your hair. Hot air brushes have multiple functions such as drying your hair and straightening or adding curls to it. So a hot air brush is a much more versatile hair styling tool.
    Curling irons use a much hotter heat to curl hair than hot air brushes do. This makes them more effective at getting stubborn hair types to curl and getting them to stay curled longer. Because of their high heat, there is also a much higher risk of hair damage with a curling iron. With that being said, it is easier to add protective barrel coatings and infusions to curling irons too.
    Hot air brushes are not quite as effective at curling hair as curling irons but still do a good job of it. They also have the benefit of being able to give your recently styled hair a cool blast of air to set it in place. Hot air brushes do not produce as high of heat as curling irons so they tend to be gentler on your hair as you curl it too.
  4. Question: Are hot air brushes bad for your hair?
    Answer: This is a question that is somewhat hard to answer without adding in a bunch of other factors but I will try to do a general answer of it.
    First of all, any time you add heat to your hair you risk such things as drying it out, making it frizzy or creating split ends. The temperature of the heat you apply to your hair and the type of heat you apply factor into this greatly. As a general rule, the more heat you apply with a hair styling tool the more chance you take that you will damage your hair.
    Hot air brushes produce less heat than such hair styling tools as flat irons or curling irons. This means they have less potential to damage your hair than these other hot iron style devices do.
    With that being said, hot air brushes still apply heat to your hair to help them work better. That means they still have potential to damage your hair. Adding protective serums or oils to your hair before styling and drying it will make these hair styling tools less likely to cause heat damage to your hair. Also, by using lower temperature settings on fine and thin hair it will greatly reduce the risk of heat damage to your hair when using a hot air brush.
  5. Question: I am wondering if you can you use a hot air brush on wet hair?
    Answer: The answer to this question is definitely yes with an asterisk.
    Hot air brushes are made to be in 2-in-1 devices to save you time and effort when you get your hair ready each day. Their two main functions are drying and styling your hair. So they, in essence, are specifically made to be used on wet hair.
    There is a catch though. That is different models of hot air brushes work best on different levels of hair wetness. High watt hot air brushes (750-1000+ watts) can easily handle drying even very wet hair quickly. Lower powered hot air brushes 500 watts or less) are best used after getting your hair 80% – 90% dry with a towel in order to be efficient at drying and styling your hair.
  6. Question: I have been hearing my friends talk about hybrid bristle technology on hot air brushes. Is there such a thing?
    Answer: The answer to your question is yes and it’s done to help achieve different styling effects.
    Hybrid barrel brushes use different combinations of bristles to get you the styling results you want. It usually involves some sort of bristle combination like having natural bristles like boar or porcupine mixed in with synthetic bristles. You may also see such combinations that feature rounded edge bristles that add volume to your hair and anti-static type bristles that cut down on flyaway hairs.
    Hot air brush manufacturers are getting pretty creative these days with hybrid barrel brush combinations. Just make sure you know if these hybrid bristle combinations will work for you the way you want before you buy a new hot air brush.
  7. Question: Do I need a hot air brush that has a cool setting?
    Answer: The answer here is no but you would be smart to get one with this feature. That is because one of the biggest advantages you get from using a hot air brush is the fact it can be used to quickly cool and set your hairstyle in place. The faster you cool and set your hair the longer its style will usually last.
    So we definitely recommend purchasing a hot air brush with a handy cool temperature setting.
  8. Question: What are all the little holes I see in my hot air brush’s barrel for?
    Answer: these simply vent holes to allow the heated air your hot air brush produces to get to your hair as you style and dry it. Manufacturers go to great lengths to design these vents so they create maximum airflow to your hair. That is why it is also important to keep these vents from getting clogged up as you use your hot air brush.
  9. Question: I see some model hot air brushes with natural bristles. What are they best used for?
    Answer: The best thing about natural bristles is that they help maintain your hairs natural condition as you dry and style it. The two main types of natural bristles used in the brushes that have these are porcupine and boars hair. They do a great job of smoothing your hair and giving it shine too as you use your hot air brush. They are usually found in combination with synthetic bristles on the hot air brush models they are used on.

Best Hot Air Brush Comparison Chart

Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer
$$Ceramic/Ionic technologyHigh, low and cool settingsOval Brush Design
John Frieda Hot Air Brush
$$Ceramic/Ionic technology2 heat settings plus cool settingTitanium ceramic-coated grille
Infiniti Pro by Conair Wet / Dry Hot Air Styler
$$$Tourmaline Ceramic Technology2-speed slide switch, and a cool shot buttonTriple Action Styling Design
Infiniti by Conair Pro Spin Air Rotating Styler
$$Ceramic/Ion technologyHigh, low and cool temp settingsAdvanced bristle design
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

$$$$Nano Titanium technology3Rotating bristle Design
Vidal Sassoon VS433C Tangle-Free 2 -in -1 Hot Air Brush
$1” barrel size w/tangle-free bristles2 heat settings and 2 speed settingsRotating barrel design

A Few Final Thoughts on Hot Air Brushes

Without a doubt, hot air brushes are quickly becoming a go-to item when it comes to hair tools. They will not only save you time when getting ready but that little heat boost you get from them really helps with styling your hair too. These handy hair tools will also only get better as newer technologies are introduced into them in the future. The rotating hot air brushes will definitely let you style and dry your hair more efficiently and effectively each day.

Make sure you get the best hot air brush that fits you when buying one. We gave you much information in this article on what to look for in a hot air brush. If you take our experienced advice you will have no trouble finding a hot air brush that perfectly fits your needs. You can also never go wrong if you choose one of the models we did our hot air brush reviews on. No hot air brush makes that list unless it performs well in multiple areas.