6 Best Professional Hair Dryers – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020)

Salon Quality Hair Dryers Are Just as Important as Having Great Scissors for any Professional Hair Stylist!

Is it taking way too long to dry your client’s hair or their hair dries so fast it gets brittle and frizzy? Well then maybe you are not using a hair dryer with enough settings on it. With a professional hair dryer, you will have many heat and air adjustments on it so you can fine-tune the settings to perfectly fit your hair. Imagine how nice it would be to dry your hair or your client’s hair in a timely manner or to be able to not always over dry it with too much heat.

Having a high-end hair dryer can actually pay for itself by making your job easier so you can do more clients in a day and by helping you do such a good job you get repeat clients more often. The other nice thing about salon-quality hair dryers is you do not have to be a professional hair stylist to experience their many benefits either.

In this article, we will do several professional hair dryer reviews on the salon quality models that are available out there in the beauty marketplace. We will also give you some helpful information on what to look for when buying a salon quality hair dryer and provide you with other useful information on finding the best professional hair dryer for a hair stylist.

Here are some highly rated salon-quality hair dryers that any professional hair stylist would be proud to own:

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Hair Dryer Review

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Hair Dryer

  • Price: $$$$
  • Speed Settings: 6
  • Heat Settings: 6
  • Watt: 2000
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
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RUSK Engineering W8less Professional Hair Dryer Review

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional Hair Dryer

  • Price: $
  • Speed Settings: 7
  • Heat Settings: 7
  • Watt: 2000
  • Weight: 1 Pound
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BIO IONIC 10x Ultralight Speed Hair Dryer Review

BIO IONIC 10x Ultralight Speed Hair Dryer

  • Price: $$$$$
  • Speed Settings: 3
  • Heat Settings: 3
  • Watt: 1800
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
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Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer Review - High End AC Motor

Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer

  • Price: $$
  • Speed Settings: Dual fan speed
  • Heat Settings: 3
  • Watt: 1875
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
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Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer

Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer

  • Price: $$$
  • Speed Settings: 2
  • Heat Settings: 3
  • Watt: 1800
  • Weight: 1 pound
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Best Professional Hair Dryer Reviews (Updated List)

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Hair Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Hair Dryer ReviewWhat do you get when you combine 2000 watts of blowing and heating power with Nano titanium heat technology? The answer is a professional hair dryer like this BaBylissPRO model that safely dries hair fast by using very evenly heated air.

This hair dryer is not only powerful thanks to its Italian made motor but it also includes negative ion technology built right into it too. This will help prevent you from over-drying and damaging your hair as you use it. It will also help bring out your hair’s natural shine more too.

For those that like to customize their hair drying experience, this is the perfect drying tool for that with its six distinct speed settings and its six different heat settings too.

Other than the fact the nozzle attachments are hard to put on and take off we cannot find too many bad things to say about this salon grade hair dryer.

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2. RUSK Engineering W8less Professional Hair Dryer

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional Hair Dryer ReviewHere is another professional quality hair dryer on our top model countdown that uses gentle and quick far infrared heat. It’s the perfect hair dryer for those with hair that is sensitive to high heat yet still like to dry their hair in a timely manner.

It features a very powerful 2000 watt motor that can easily generate high heat and some good air velocity.

If you are a solon professional you will love the fact it is powerful yet weighs less than 1 pound. You can use it for a long period of time without getting tired arms.

There is also a ceramic and tourmaline infused grill that makes for far more even heating than most hair dryers and it has negative ion technology built into it too to speed drying times and help eliminate frizz.

Unfortunately, this hair dryer works best if you spend some time towel drying your hair beforehand.

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3. BIO IONIC 10x Ultralight Speed Hair Dryer

BIO IONIC 10x Ultralight Speed Hair Dryer ReviewThis super lightweight hair dryer packs a punch thanks to its 1800 watts of power. It’s every bit a professional quality hair dryer that puts you in total control of how you like to blow dry your hair. With it, even those who have the longest hair can safely blow dry it in less than 10 minutes.

It has three different heat settings and an all-important cool shot button for those sensitive areas of your hair where too much heat is not healthy for it.

Perhaps its best feature is the infusion of natural volcanic rock minerals into the air stream. This distributes negative ions throughout your hair strands which break down water molecules into smaller ones to promote faster drying and less frizz.

This salon quality hair drying product even comes with an amazing 10-year warranty.

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4. Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer

Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer Review - High End AC MotorAt 1875 watts this is one of the most powerful hair dryers on our review list of professional models. It’s definitely perfect for any salon stylist to own because it dries hair quick and time is of the essence when you have customers waiting.

Its Italian inspired design is also lightweight and ergonomic so it’s perfect for prolonged salon use. The balance between airflow and heat with the model is described as near perfect by those who have purchased and used it. Because of this balance its ideal for use on any type of hair and it’s a safe hair dryer for non-professionals to use too.

This hair dryer has no cool shot ability but it does make up for that somewhat with multiple heat settings. It also comes with a very generous lifetime warranty.

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5. Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer

Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair DryerDrying your hair from inside out is a great way to keep your hair healthyy and that is exactly what this professional quality hair dryer allows you to do. This is possible thanks to this hair dryer’s far infrared heat technology.

It’s also a hair dryer that is very lightweight and powerful so it dries your hair fast without tiring your arms in the process. It features 1800 watts of drying power and only weighs a little less than a pound.

This hair dryer gets even better when you factor in that the heat is evenly distributed thanks to its tourmaline/ceramic coated heater barrel. It’s advanced hair dryer technology which also helps to eliminate over drying and flyaway hair despite the fact it has no quick cool button.

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Important Things to Consider Before You Start Your Professional Quality Hair Dryer Shopping

Best Professional Hair Dryers You are taking a big step in the right direction when you have decided to buy a top quality hair dryer. It’s important that you take this one step further and get a salon quality hair dryer that is somewhat perfectly tailored for your individual needs.

Here is a list of things that pertain to you that should be thought out a little before starting to shop for a professional quality hair dryer:

  • Budget
    When you are shopping for any item chances are when you take a significant jump up in quality you will also take a jump up in the price of that item. Hair dryers are definitely no exception to this rule. Some models can run upwards of $300 and that is not an amount of money that everyone is willing to spend on a hair dryer, this is especially true if you are not a salon professional.
    So you will have to consider how much you are willing to spend on a top of the line hair drying product. You will need to factor in such things as your current disposable income, other purchase priorities and how often you will use this device.
  • Your hair type/Client’s hair type
    This is a big one and surprisingly it is often overlooked when many people go to select a new hair dryer for themselves or for salon use. By understanding your own hair type and others subsequent needs you can better narrow down what type of features you will need on the professional quality hair dryer you will purchase.
    For example, if you or many of your customers have fine hair that easily damages you will want to look for a new hair dryer that has some lower heat settings and the ability to deliver a quick burst of ‘cool shot’ air.
    Here is another example; if you or a majority of your clients have frizzy hair that needs special care you will want to look for a new salon quality hair dryer that has negative ion technology built into it that specifically helps to prevent frizz.
    So definitely be aware of your own hair’s special needs and your client base’s needs when you are about ready to shop for a new top quality blow dryer.
  • Get your own hair stylist’s opinion
    One great way to make a sound professional hair dryer purchase for yourself is to stop by and have a quick chat with the professional stylist that does your hair all the time if you have one. They can tell you what to look for in a salon quality hair dryer that is similar to what they use to get your hair to come out looking great every time you visit them. The value of their advice should not be overlooked because they know your hair even better than you do in most cases.
  • Personal tolerance to noise
    When you step up in hair dryer quality you are most likely stepping up in drying power at the same time too. Unfortunately, this usually means you will be buying a dryer with a noise level that is most likely higher than your old one. If you are personally sensitive to noise then you will want to look to purchase a new salon quality hair dryer that has some noise canceling features built into it to lower the decibel rating when you are using it.
  • New hair dryer’s main use
    One of the best ways to make a really sound professional hair dryer purchase is to identify what your main purpose for it will be. This will help you determine exactly what features your new hair dryer must have in order to fit your needs.
    Here are a few examples of what we mean:
    Professional Hair Dryers If you are a solon professional you really will most likely not look at the bottom line dollar of how much your new high-quality hair dryer will cost because it is such an essential piece of equipment. You will, however, want your new salon quality hair dryer to be very versatile. That means you will want features on it such as multiple speed and heat settings, negative ion technology and for it to be lightweight and easy to use.
    Maybe you are buying your new hair dryer to travel with you all across the world because you are a traveling salesperson? If that is the case you will need your new salon quality hair dryer to be lightweight and compact and also have features such as a dual voltage capability.
    If you are just buying your new high-quality hair dryer for home use to speed up the time it takes you to get ready in the morning there are features that are specific to this need too. would look for such things as higher wattage dryers that have lots of power and other built-in features such as far infrared technology that your hair as you dry it quickly with higher heat.S be sure to consider the main use be sure to consider the main use your new top quality hair dryer and you stand a better chance of getting one that is perfect for your needs.
  • Your physical health
    Here is another factor that is sometimes overlooked by individuals when they are hair dryer shopping for themselves. Please don’t be offended as we will be perfectly blunt here in an attempt to get our point across. Your health should play a bigger role than you think in your new professional hair dryer purchase.
    For instance, if you suffer from arthritis in your hands you may have trouble holding onto a hair dryer as you use it. If this is the case for you then you will most likely want a superior quality hair dryer that is lightweight, ergonomically designed and has activation buttons that take little effort to use.So you can see that your health can absolutely be a big factor in your professional quality hair dryer decision-making process.
  • Attachments desired
    Whether your new professional quality hair dryer is for salon or personal use you will have to have an idea of what attachments you prefer to use with it when you are drying your clients or your hair with it. So make sure the salon quality hair dryer you are thinking about buying has popular attachments such as concentrators and diffusers that can be used with it.
    It’s also important to note that sometimes attachments come as part of the dryer purchase and other times they are made available to purchase separately. So just because you don’t see the attachments you like to use when blow drying your hair included in the package does not mean they are not available for a particular hair dryer.
  • Where will you buy it
    Here is another often overlooked factor in any professional quality hair dryer buying process. That is where you will purchase it from. Buying a new salon quality hair dryer in a store, online and from your hair care professional all require different angles for you to pursue as you make your important hair dryer purchasing decision.
    For instance, it’s different shopping online than if you are shopping in person. In person, you don’t have to ask questions about such things as weight and easy to use designs because you can feel and see them as you hold the hair dryer in person. On the other hand, if you are shopping online you must do such things as read the weight in a description and rely on customer reviews to get a feeling for how easy to use a particular top quality hair dryer is.

The Two Major Types of Salon Quality Hair Dryers

Salon Quality Hair DryersOf course, for this article, we are talking about handheld high-quality hair dryers but there are basically two main types of hair dryers that salon professionals use.

Let’s take a look at what they are and the benefits of each:

  1. Handheld/Portable hair dryer
    If you go into any busy salon you will most likely see many of the technicians using a portable blow dryer to help style their clients’ hair. Handheld hair dryers are definitely a must-have item for any professional hair stylist. They offer you the ability to adjust the heat and blowing speed to meet each client’s individual hair needs.
    The biggest drawback with these types of handheld hair dryers is they require a salon professional to work them. So the drying process becomes part of the time it takes to get a client’s hair done.
  2. In-place/Hooded hair dryer
    At one time this hair dryer style was the only way salon professionals could get hair dried as quickly as it needed to be so they could get to styling it. The big advantage with these types of hair dryers is that they do not require any of the stylists time in order to dry a client’s hair. They do work great for mostly drying hair so it can be quickly finished off with a regular handheld hair dryer too.
    The big disadvantage is they tend to be one size fits all devices and as you know hair drying needs tend to be different for each individual. They also are set in place and hard to move so they don’t offer a lot of portability when using them.

Best Professional Hair Dryer Buying Guide

Professional Hair Dryers ReviewsHere are the important features to consider when looking to make a new professional quality hair dryer purchase for your use or use as you work at a salon:

  • Power
    Bigger is not always better but in the case of portable hair dryers for home or salon use it definitely is. The more power your new handheld professional quality hair dryer has the more heat it has the ability to generate and the more powerful its air velocity can be too. A true salon quality hair dryer will have power that is usually rated in excess of 1600 watts and some of the more powerful models will have 1800 watts or more. So be aware of the power rating of any top quality hair dryer you are thinking about purchasing.
  • Size
    Versatility – Number of heat settings/Speed settings/Cool burst/Turbo Boost
    Whether you are purchasing your super high-quality hair dryer for yourself or for use in a salon you will definitely want it to be a hair styling tool that is as versatile as possible. That means you will want to have a large amount of control over both the temperature you are using it at and the velocity of the air coming out.
    Having a button that quickly cools the air coming out of the hair dryer is a great feature to have too. It gives you the ability to apply less hair dryer heat to sensitive areas of your hair.
    Turbo boost buttons are a good feature to have also. They supply a short burst of higher air volume that can help dry an especially wet area of hair much faster.
    The ability of your new professional quality hair dryer to be versatile takes on even more significance if you are a salon stylist. So be sure to note these key features before making your new handheld dryer purchase.
  • Heating method
    One of the most important characteristics of any hair dryer whether it’s salon quality or not is the means it uses to heat up the air and how that hot air is then distributed to the hair itself.
    Below are the three best types of heating elements and what the advantage is of using each one (please note that combinations of them can exist in a salon quality hair dryer too).

    1. Ceramic Coated/Tourmaline
      This is one of the most popular types of heating that can be found among salon-style hair dryers. That is because it heats up very evenly and distributes the heat that way too. Because of this ceramic generated heat is very gentle on your hair.
      Some ceramic coated heaters are also infused with ‘tourmaline crystals’. These crystals are actually made from a rare type crushed gemstone so they will drive up the price any hair dryer that has them. They are thought to be full of negatively charges ions that break up water molecules so they will speed up your hair dying by up to 40%.
    2. Titanium
      If you want a professional style blow dryer because it will dry your hair quickly then choose one with a titanium coated heater. These types of heaters are known to be ready to use in a matter of seconds and generate very high heat.
    3. Far Infrared
      Do you have fine hair or hair that tends to get dry and brittle easily when you blow dry it? Then you will seriously want to consider purchasing a salon quality hair dryer that uses far infrared heat. This style of hair dryer heating is extremely gentle on your hair because it heats it from the inside out. That keeps the outer part of your hair from getting damaged and becoming frizzy.
  • Negative ion technology – yes/no
    Negative ion technologyThere are certain technologies that are built into professional quality hair dryers that are very advantageous to have. One of those is negative ion technology which has several purposes.For one, this technology when infused into the stream of air coming out of your hair dryer tends to break larger size water droplets into smaller ones. This means that your hair will then dry faster. It also reduces your hairs surface tension which makes it easier to style and leaves it with more shine and less frizz.
  • Noise decibels
    Many people dread going to a hair salon because they cannot stand the noise of several hair dryers being used at once. This is especially troubling if you are a salon professional. If that is the case with you then you and your colleagues should look to purchase quietest hair dryers that feature noise suppression.Although hair dryers are inherently noisy the technology to make them quiet is still a work in progress. Most companies do list the decibel level of their hair dryers on the package or on their internet website product description. Look for a hair dryer with lower decibels and that has some special motor technology that makes them quieter.
  • Weight
    Weight can be a big issue with any hair dryer purchase and this is even truer if you style hair for a living or smaller in stature. Why is weight important when selecting a hair dryer? If you hold two different size objects in your hand you will notice the bigger one tires out your hand faster as you hold it up. It’s no different with hair dryers.It stands to reason that the lighter your hair dryer is the less tired your arms will get with the longer you use it. Choose a good quality salon hair dryer that is lighter in weight so you do not get tired as fast when you are styling your client’s hair.
  • Ease of use
    If you are a salon professional you really will want a hair dryer that is simple to operate. Try to find a high-quality hair dryer that has the buttons on it located in such a way that you can fully operate that hair dryer using just one hand. That way your other hand is free to comb and style.
    Another nice feature that makes any hair dryer easy to use is if they have a swivel cord end. This means the hair dryer will move freely as you move without the cord constantly getting tangled up.
  • Voltage
    Too some hair dryer users the voltage of their hair dryer is a non-issue but to other, it can be very important. If you are buying a high-quality hair dryer for personal reasons and you are going to take it with you overseas then you will need a special type of hair dryer voltage. This is also true if you are a salon professional who may train or go to trade shows in another country.
    Try to find a hair dryer if you travel to other countries often that is a dual voltage model. Standard outlet electricity in America is 115V and most countries overseas use 230V electrical current. If you get a travel hair dryer that is dual voltage capable it will work in any country you take it to.
  • Available attachments
    You may choose to use your new hair dryer with different attachments. That is why you want to know exactly what attachments are available for each salon quality hair dryer that you are thinking about purchasing. For example, if you like using a diffuser on your hair but a particular hair dryer does not have that capability there is no sense in spending the money on it.
  • Warranty
    When you purchase a professional quality hair dryer you are certainly not buying a model that is prudent or cost effective to replace on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, we already mentioned that some salon-quality hair dryers can cost several hundred dollars. You need some protection by means of a good warranty in that case.Find a hair dryer that has a lengthy warranty and covers all the working parts on that hair dryer. Some hair dryers even have lifetime warranties which make them worth spending a little extra money on. A great warranty will give you peace of mind that you made a sound buying decision when you chose your new professional hair dryer.

Outstanding Hair Dryer Brands in the Beauty Marketplace

What are some of the top names when it comes to beauty product companies?

Here is a list of some of the companies that have stellar reputations when it comes to making high-quality hair dryers:

  • Bio-Ionic
    This is a company that is well known throughout the world for their quality hair drying products. As their name implies they are heavily into product that create negatively charged ions to speed up the hair drying process and help leave hair shiny without damaging it.
  • Elchim
    This is an electronic hair dryer manufacturer that likes to boast that they are king when it comes to producing salon quality hair dryers. There may be some truth to that fact because they have several highly rated models that make top hair drying product reviews like ours.
  • BaBylissPRO
    This is the reputable hair product manufacturer Conair’s foray into the high-end salon quality hair dryer market. The quality of these salon hair dryers has put this French company’s products at the top of many beauty product review lists. There are few companies that know hair, as well as Conair, does.
  • Panasonic
    When people think of Panasonic they usually think of TV and stereo equipment but what many people don’t realize is that they have put some extra effort into their high-end hair dryer collection. They have several models that are considered to be excellent for use in professional hair salons.
  • Gammapiu
    Italy has a reputation for producing high-quality hair care products and this is one of those Italian companies that are helping to keep that reputation firmly in place. Their professional quality hair dryers are so popular that they are exported to over 100 countries around the globe.
  • Solano
    Here is another high-end hair dryer manufacturer that has done a very nice job focusing on the needs of professional stylists when it comes to hair dryers. They feature several of the best-selling salon-quality hair dryers including the one that made our countdown of the top professional quality hair dryers.

Common Characteristics That Professionals Need From Salon Quality Hair Dryers

Salon Quality Hair DryerWe gave you a list of many things to look at when making a salon quality blow dryer purchase. Here are some of the characteristics that professional hairstylists say they require in any blow dryer that they use.

  • Versatility
    We have emphasized so much throughout this article about how different hair types have different blow drying requirements. Since no salon stylist only works on the same type of hair they will require a blow dryer that is very versatile, to say the least.
    This means that any blow dryer they use should have a variety of choices when it comes to heat and the volume of air flow from it. Special features such as a turbo air boost and a quick shot of heat free air are also nice to have too.
  • Lightweight
    If you are standing on your feet all day and moving your arms constantly you are inevitably going to get tired. It’s just a fact. When you introduce weight into the fatigue scenario just mentioned that tiring process will only take place even faster. That is why salon professionals look for hair dryers that are effective but also as lightweight as possible.
  • Ease of use
    If you are a professional stylist you know that you cannot possibly blow dry hair using two hands because you need the other hand to comb and style as you blow dry. That means any hair dryer that a professional stylist uses must be easy to operate with just one hand.
    This translates to a hair dryer that has buttons that are easily activated and designed into the unit in such a way that the drying process can continue seamlessly because the buttons can be pressed with the same hand that holds the hair dryer.

The Importance of Temperature Controls

Since we have talked so much about matching blow-dryer heat and air volume to specific hair types we thought we should give you a few more specifics about that. Here is the best guess scenario based on salon opinion (remember everyone’s hair is somewhat different) as to the preferred blow dryer settings for each hair type.

Pay close attention to matching blow-dryer heat to your client’s hair because blow drying hair is never a one size fits all situation for sure. That is why it’s ultra-important to use a hair dryer that has a generous amount of temperature choices and even a quick cool shot button too.

Different Hair Types and the Different Dryer Heat Settings They Need

  • Thin/Fine hair
    One thing you never ever want to do with fine or thin hair is blow dry it on the highest heat setting or there is a good chance you will damage it. Most veteran stylists choose to blow dry fine or thin hair on the lower heat settings that an individual hair dryer has and will often treat the hair with a very light coat of argon oil or another protectant just to be safe.A good rule of thumb is if you hold your hair dryer a few inches away from your palm and it feels almost uncomfortably hot that heat setting is too much for fine or thinner hair and may damage it. As you dry thin or fine hair make sure to keep the hair dryer 8 inches away from the hair and keep it constantly moving too. Add a quick shot of cool air to any area of hair that starts to feel hot to the touch as you blow dry it. Check out the top rated hair dryers best for fine hair.
  • Thicker/Straight hair
    Thick and straight hair can have more heat applied to it when drying it than fine or thin hair but you should still use a medium heat setting. This type of hair is very sensitive to max temperature settings on a hair dryer.You can choose a high heat setting for the finished styling on areas that need more manipulation in order to get the specific finished look you want. Just make sure you use the cool blast feature ton set the hair in place once it’s been set where you want it.
    Using a little protectant before the drying process begins on thick/straight hair is also advisable.
  • Thicker Curly/Kinky hair
    Kinky or curly thick hair is much more resistant to heat damage but it is not impervious to it either. It also tends to absorb more moisture than thin or fine hair does so it’s harder to dry. Therefore it is best to use a high heat setting on thick hair that is curly or kinky.Using a diffuser attachment on the roots first will help the curly or kinky hair drying process go smoother too.Keep the hair dryer moving at all times and at least six to eight inches from the section of hair you are drying. If the hair starts to feel too warm to the touch then reduce the temperature setting to finish the job and avoid causing split ends or other damage.A dryer that has ceramic/tourmaline heat dispersion will also really help when it comes to blow drying thick curly or thick kinky hair. It will speed up the drying process and also help eliminate the fizz that is common when blow dying these hair types. Check out the guide to the best blow dryers for curly hair!

Common Blow Drying Mistakes That Can Really Have a Negative Impact on Your or Your Clients’ Hair Health

Common Blow Drying Mistakes

Here are some mistakes that everyday hair dryer users and even some salon professionals make when blow drying hair:

  • Not towel drying hair first
    There is nothing that will speed up the hair drying process faster than if you towel dry it to a light dampness. Blow dryers are meant to put the finishing touches on the hair drying process and to help style hair. They were never meant to be a stand-alone hair drying product.
  • Not treating hair before it is blown dry
    Even using the highest quality professional hair dryer is not a guarantee that you will not damage your hair or a client’s when blow drying it. Products such as argon oil will help protect hair from blow dryer damage and there are several specialty styling products (volumizers, conditioners, etc…) that also will help protect hair from high heat damage as it is blown dry.
  • Not matching heat temperature to the needs of individual hair types
    This is a biggie. Some people think high heat and high air volume is the only way to go way they dry hair but this could not be more wrong. Sure this is great if you or a client has thick curly hair but it can severely damage thin and less dense hair. So be sure to match the hair dryer settings to the type of hair being blown dry to help avoid damaging it.
  • Not drying from the top down
    If you have ever watched someone drying hair you will see that nine times out of ten they start at the ends of their hair and work their way upwards. We notice it all the time when visiting salons.
    Drying hair from the top down pushed moisture toward the ends of the hair so all of it can be completely dried. When you start drying from the ends and go up it traps moisture in the hair closest to the scalp. This can create many problems when the hair is then trying to be styled.
  • Failure to section hair
    Hair on most people’s heads grows in a specific way and if you look closely at it it’s almost as if it was applied in patches. These sections of hair really liked to be styled together. You will see it being done all the time in professional salons. So section the hair before drying and then blow dry these sections of hair independently.
  • Failure to use the proper hair drying attachments
    Many people will by a new hair dryer and never touch the attachments that come with it. This can make the hair drying process go slower and make styling more difficult too. Diffusers, concentrators and other attachments all have a purpose and can contribute greatly to the success of the hair drying process. If you learn what each one does and experiment with it you will get better and faster results when blow drying hair.

Professional Quality Hair Dryer FAQ’s

Here are some common questions about salon-quality hair dryers that we get on a regular basis:

  1. Question: I am a salon stylist of smaller stature and I was wondering if it’s ok to get a lighter blow dryer and sacrifice some power in order to do this? My arms often get tired easy toward the end of a workday.
    Answer: This is an interesting question in which the answer might surprise you. What you are experiencing is very common among all size hair stylists. Hair dryer weight can be a big problem and sacrificing power can really slow down your drying time and back your clientele up during the day.
    Fortunately, in most cases, you no longer have to choose between weight and power in a hair dryer purchase anymore. Manufacturers have made a significant effort to reduce the weight of salon quality hair dryers without sacrificing much power. So look for these types of models to solve your problem. For example, several models on our top review list are lightweight yet still powerful.
  2. Question: Do newer hair dryer technologies like infrared heat and negative ion infusion really work?
    Answer: The answer to your question is evidence seems to suggest these premium blow dryer technologies really do in fact work. Negative ion infusion has been shown to dry hair up to 40% faster than hair dryers that do not have it.
    Infrared heat hair dryers also seem to show less incidences of hair damage such as split ends or frizz because this technology dries hair from the inside out.
  3. Question: I travel a lot across America and several other countries. Does dual voltage technology really work or should I buy two different working voltage hair dryers to use?
    Answer: save your money and just get a single hair dryer that can be used in both 115V and 230V outlets. It works perfectly fine and the truth is you will not notice much difference at all no matter where you use it. Dual voltage technology has been around a long time and has been used very successfully on such apparatus as laptop computer chargers.

Best Professional Hair Dryers Comparison Chart

BIO IONIC 10x Ultralight Speed Hair Dryer
$$$$$-31.1 pounds1800
Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer
$$$231 pounds1800
Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer
$$$$Dual fan speed31.1 pounds1875
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Hair Dryer
$$661.8 pounds2000
Parlux 3200 Compact 1900 Watts Hair Dryer
$$$242.2 pounds1900
RUSK Engineering W8less Professional Hair Dryer
$771 pounds2000

Some Final Thoughts On Top Of the Line Salon Quality Hair Dyers

Being a professional hair stylist is no different from being a carpenter or any other person that make their living doing a skilled trade. It is essential to have the proper tools to do that job to the best of your ability. A high-quality hair dryer is essential for any salon professional to own.

Fortunately, there are many very good professional quality hair dryers out there to be bought in the beauty marketplace. These models tend to be very powerful but also are built to be lighter in weight and easy to handle.

We reviewed several models that fit this ideal professional blower dryer profile very nicely and will be a great addition to your styling tool kit. These professional hair dryer reviews and buying guide we gave you should also prove very helpful as you start to shop for your superior quality salon hair dryer.

The best professional hair dryer for salons will not be hard to find If you put all this information we gave you together and use it as you go through the professional hair dryer buying process.

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