Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Review

Solano is a company that has a reputation for making powerful professional quality hair dryers that incorporate many nice features into their design. This fine model from them takes that one step further because it’s also designed to be very lightweight. It’s definitely a hair drying product that will dry you or your client’s hair rapidly and not tire you out so fast while doing it. We will take a closer look at this high-quality hair dryer to help you see if it may be the right model for you to think about purchasing.

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Taking a Fast Look at Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer

Here is a brief overview of the good and bad characteristics that this professional hair dryer features:


  • 1800 watt drying power
  • Ceramic coating promotes even heating
  • 3 heat settings/2 airspeeds
  • Static minimizing ionic technology
  • Lightweight DC motor design
  • Healthy far infrared generated heat


  • Only has two air volume speeds
  • Does not get super-hot which some users like

Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite’s Best Characteristics

The way this salon quality product produces and distributes heat is almost as special as its light weight. Solano thought of just about everything in this respect. It all starts with its very gentle but effective far infrared heat production that nicely dries hair from the inside out to prevent damage.

There is also the ceramic heater coating which is great for distributing the heat in the air that comes out of it much more evenly. That insures that no area of hair gets so hot that it can potentially be damaged. There is also tourmaline crystal infusion used in the heating process. This is great if you want to give you or your clients the extra shine and smooth texture that great looking hair demands.

Solano also has included some negative ion technology with this professional hair dryer. This will help speed up your hair drying time significantly (estimated at up to 40% less drying time) if you are a person who likes to get their hair done quickly to start the day. It’s technology that will also cut down on the static electricity that helps create those unsightly flyaway hairs.

This hair dryer gets some of the subtle features that are nice to have spot on too. It features such things as a cool shot button to freeze just styled hair in place and a removable lint filter to help your air volume remain consistent.

The Best Feature on the Solano ‘Supersolano’ 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer

This salon quality hair dryer is absolutely unbelievably lightweight for a hair dryer that can generate 1800 watts of drying power. It incredibly weighs less than one pound thanks to its very innovative DC motor design that uses lighter parts to make it work. If you are a professional hair stylist and use this hair dryer you can work for long hours without your arms getting tired out.

Areas That Could Stand Some Improvement with Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite

Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer ReviewsOne of the worst characteristics of this hair dryer is that even on its highest heat setting it does not get overly hot. We are sure that was designed that way by Solano to help keep hair from getting damaged.

The only problem is this can be a big drawback for curly and kinky haired individual that need high heat to loosen their hair so they can style it better. There also are only two settings (high, low) for the air volume that comes out of this unit. A medium speed setting would have been nice to have too.

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Review Summary

All in all, this is a very well designed professional style hair dryer. If you like to use very high heat when you style your hair it is probably not for you but those users with fine or thin hair will absolutely love it. This hair dryer is powerful at 1800 watts but still maintains a nice lighter weight to it which is great if you will be using it for a long period of time. Overall there is a lot to like about it and it would make a nice addition to most any hair stylist’s beauty tool collection.

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