Parlux PAR4014 Professional 3800 Review – Ionic and Ceramic

If you are bothered by hair dryer noise when you blow dry your hair you are not alone by any means. The problem is often times quieter hair drier models tend to be more than slightly underpowered. Well here is a hair dry that claims that it’s both quiet and powerful so we wanted to take a closer look at this model ourselves. Here is what we found out when we did our research on this very capable and quiet hair dryer.

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Taking a Quick Glance at Parlux PAR4014 Professional 3800 Hair Dryer

Parlux PAR4014 Professional 3800 Hair Dryer ReviewHere is a brief overview of the good and bad things about this professional hair dryer:


  • 2100 watts of drying power
  • Ceramic and ionic coatings
  • 4 heat settings/2 air volume settings
  • Less than 80 decibels
  • Great for thicker and curlier hair
  • One more


  • No dual voltage capability
  • Inadequate 1-year warranty

Parlux PAR4014 Professional 3800 Hair Dryer’s Key Characteristics

This hair dryer hails itself a very quiet hair dryer. Parlux made this claim because they chose to use some new quieter motor technology in this hair dryer. Although it’s not super quiet like some hair dryers we reviewed, its just over 80-decibel noise level is still very quiet for the amount of power it has.

Along with the power, it has this fine hair dryer product also distributes its hot heat very evenly thanks to the amount of ceramic coating that is used on its heater parts. It also features negative ion technology which is great for helping dry hair faster and for stopping frizz. This is due to the fact the barrel and some other parts inside of it are coated with negative ion promoting tourmaline crystals.

The heat and air settings on this quality blow dryer also offer you a lot of choices in the way you can blow dry your hair. It features 4 different heat settings and two different air speed settings too. That means with some adjusting this hair dryer can be used on just about any type of hair.

It also features a quick cool shot button and also is backed up with just a one-year warranty.

The Signature Feature on the Parlux PAR4014 Professional 3800

Even though this is a fairly quiet hair dryer we felt that the amount of power it has is definitely its highlight feature. The fact that it’s quiet for a powerful hair dryer is just a bonus. At 2100 watts of power it puts this unit in a category all of its own. There are not many hair dryers that even close to the 2100 watts of power this one has.

That translates to being able to dry any type of hair quickly with the volume of air and the high heat that comes out of this hair styling tool. Heat and air flow like that is especially useful on thick, extremely curly or kinky hair.

Areas That Could Use Improvement with Parlux PAR4014 Professional 3800

If you do a lot of traveling to different countries then this is not the hair dryer for you. That is because it has no dual voltage capability. It’s made in both 115V and 230V models so it’s hard to fathom why Parlux did not make it easier on themselves and simply create a dual voltage model.

Also, some users complained that the warranty on this hair dryer was way too short for the price they paid for this hair dryer. We would have to agree with those people.

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Review Summary

As we did our review here we were looking for a hair dryer that was quiet but we found a whole lot more in the process too. This model is not super quiet but its decibel level is not bad for the amount of power it has. It is much quieter than many other dryers in its class. This is a salon quality product with many other features that stand out too that make it a very good all-around hair dryer. So if you are looking for a fairly powerful blow dryer that is on the quieter side in its class then you should definitely consider buying the Parlux PAR4014 Professional 3800.

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