BIO IONIC 1 Inch Curl Expert Pro Review – BioCeramic technology

Do you get frustrated when you try to put more subtle curls in your kinky black hair? Make no mistake about it you are not alone as you have one of the toughest hair types to style and reshape. That means you need every advantage you can get when you try to curl your hair and it all starts with the selecting the right curling iron. The BIO IONIC Curl Expert Pro Curling Iron is a curling iron that many people with

Afro-American hair often chooses to style their hair with. Read along with me as I review it to get an idea if it just might be a good choice curling iron for your kinky and coarse black hair type too.

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Taking a Quick Look at the BIO IONIC Curl Expert Pro Curling Iron

BIO IONIC Curl Expert Pro Curling Iron ReviewHere are some of the pros and cons of this curling iron that works well at reshaping often kinky and coarse black hair:


  • Heats up to 430ºF
  • BioCeramic technology
  • Volcanic mineral infusion
  • Digital temperature control and readout
  • Spring clamped designed to hold thicker and coarser hair
  • 9-foot swivel cord


  • At 17 inches it’s extremely long for some
  • Can not change temp on the fly
  • Performance and Versatility

The BIO IONIC Curl Expert Pro Curling Iron has many excellent features built into that help it easily curl and reshape black hair. It all starts with this curling iron’s digital heat selection that can be set as high as 430ºF. Most professional stylists will use temperatures that are hotter than 400 ºF when curling Afro-American hair.

The one-inch barrel comes in very handy when trying to reshape the curl in long, medium and short black hairstyles. It also has a spring clamp that works really well for clamping thicker and coarser Afro-American hair.

Safety and Convenience

There is no safety shield so to speak on the BIO IONIC Pro Curling Iron but it does have a bulbous handle end between the barrel and grip which helps protect your hand from burns while using it, There is also a built-in 60-minute auto shutoff switch,

The BIO IONIC Pro Curling Iron also comes with an adequate size power cord. It is over 9-feet long and also features a swivel end so the cord does not get twisted up as you use it.

Why Does This Curling Iron Work So Well On Black Hair?

One of the main reasons that black hair is so tough to curl and style is because it has very strong molecular bonds. One of the best ways to break these strong molecular bonds is with very high heat. With a max temperature setting of 430ºF breaking, those strong molecular bonds is no problem for the BIO IONIC Curl Expert Pro Curling Iron.

Another advantage this curling iron gives you when you are trying to reshape your curls is that it features BioCeramic technology and volcanic mineral infusion. BioCeramic technology provides even heating that helps prevent damaging hotspots from forming on the barrel and volcanic mineral infusion helps your Afro-American hair retain as much moisture and shine as possible during the curling process.

Warranty Support and Potential Concerns with the BIO IONIC Curl Expert Pro Curling Iron

BIO IONIC is a company that is well-known for supporting its products in a professional manner and they back up this curling iron with a somewhat industry standard 1-year warranty.

There may be a few concerns that some users might have with this curling iron. One is the fact that it is very long at 17 inches. That can make it a little cumbersome to maneuver for some people as they curl hair with it. Also, since your hands cover the temperature set buttons while you are using it you have to completely stop styling to adjust the temperature on it.

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Summing up My Thoughts on the BIO IONIC Curl Expert Pro Curling Iron

Without a doubt, you will need a little bit more aggressive style curling iron to be able to put some looser curl into your black hair. The BIO IONIC Curl Expert Pro Curling Iron certainly can enable you to effectively reshape and curl your coarse and kinky hair type. Features such as its extremely high heat, rugged spring clamp, and BioCeramic technology allow you to attack your Afro-American hair in a way that forces it to style the way you want it to. This is definitely a curling iron worth taking a close look at if you are shopping for a new one to use on your black hair type.

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