Jose Eber 25mm Clipless Review – Tourmaline Ceramic

Do you ever wonder if there is an easier way to put some softer and more voluminous curl into your black hair type? It can be very hard to put a different curl into your Afro-American hair just because of its nature but that task becomes even more difficult if you don’t have the right curling iron for the job. I have been told that the Jose Eber Curling Iron is one curling iron that is tailored made to add softer and larger curls to sometimes tough to curl black hair. That is why hairtools have decided to take a closer look at the Jose Eber Curling Iron and do a review it in this article.

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Taking a Quick Look at the Jose Eber Curling Iron

Jose Eber 25mm Clipless Curling Iron ReviewHere are some of the pros and cons of this curling iron that works well at reshaping often kinky and coarse black hair:


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 410ºF working temperature
  • 1” round barrel
  • Tourmaline ceramic infusion
  • Protective styling glove included
  • Dual voltage capable


  • Only one temperature setting
  • Protective glove could be thicker
  • Performance and Versatility

Although this curling wand only works at one temperature (410ºF); that is not a problem if you have thick, kinky and curly hair. That is because you need high heat in order to be able to work with that type of hair.

The barrel itself on this Jose Eber Curling Iron is an ideal 1-inch thick and the barrel is ceramic coated and infused with tourmaline crystals. A 1-inch thick round barrel like this curling iron has is great for adding a little looser curl to Afro-American hair.

Safety and Convenience

This is a pretty safe curling iron to own and operate. Its comfort grip handle thickens significantly where the handle meets the barrel to help prevent you from burning your fingers as you use. Its included protective glove will help even more in this area too. There is also a built-in automatic shutoff switch which eliminates the danger of fire should you accidentally leave it on.

This Jose Eber Curling Iron also has a 9-foot long power cord with attached swivel end. That will provide you with some nice unrestricted movement as you use it and you don’t have to worry about constantly having to untangle the power cord either.

This is also a dual voltage product. That means it’s an excellent curling iron to tale with you if you travel because it will even work in the 220V outlets found in many foreign countries.

Why Does This Curling Iron Work So Well On Black Hair?

As was mentioned, the Jose Eber Curling Iron has the high heat necessary to reshape thick, kinky and coarse black hair. The 410ºF max heat it produces is great super heating you Afro-American hair’s fibers and loosens their naturally strong molecular bonds. Once this is done the much looser style curl is then formed as your hair wraps around the clampless barrel.

The ceramic-coated barrel with tourmaline crystals found on this curling iron helps you when you curl your black hair too. These features enable your Afro-American hair to retain its all-important moisture better and the barrel does not develop potential hair damaging hotspots either.

Warranty Support and Potential Concerns with the Jose Eber Curling Iron

The warranty may be an ideal characteristic of this curling iron to use on black hair. Its limited lifetime warranty is one of the best you will find on any curling iron.

One thing I did not like about this curling iron is the fact that it had no adjustable heat settings on it. Some users also think that the included protective glove still allows too much heat through to your fingers.

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Some Final Thoughts on the Jose Eber Curling Iron

Sure this curling iron only has one heat setting but that’s not a deal breaker if you are using to put curls in your Afro-American hair type. Your thick, kinky, and coarse hair will need every bit of the 410ºF working temperature that this curling iron works at. When you factor in such other things as its ceramic/tourmaline barrel coating and its generous length power cord with swivel end, then the Jose Eber Curling Iron should get strong consideration when you go to buy a new curling iron to curl your black type hair with.

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