Osensia Ultra Light Travel Review – Professional Tourmaline Ionic

Are you tired of trying to fit that bulky full-size hair dryer you own in your luggage? Well then maybe it’s time to get a hair dryer that is specially designed to take with you as you travel. That is exactly what this hair dryer from Osensia is designed to do. The Osensia Ultra-Light Travel Hair Dryer is so easy to pack even in the smallest size travel bags you have. Let’s take a little closer look at this compact and lightweight hair dryer.

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Taking a Brief Glance at Osensia Ultra Light Travel Hair Dryer

Here is a brief look at the good and bad features you get with this travel hair dryer:


  • 1875 watts of hair drying power
  • Advanced ceramic/tourmaline technology
  • 3 heat settings/2 airflow settings
  • Weighs only 1 pound
  • 9-foot cord with shutoff protection
  • One-year warranty


  • No dual voltage capability
  • The long power cord is not a plus

Osensia Travel Hair Dryer’s Key Characteristics

Of course, some of the most important characteristics of any travel dryer are small size and lightweight. This hair dryer has got that very well covered. It weighs less than 1 pound and measures only 9x10x4 inches. That means it’s a hair dryer that will pack easily even in smaller size travel bags.
It only has 1000 watts of power but Osensia gets the most out of that with this convenient and easy to carry hair drying tool. The 3 heat settings and 2 airflow settings it has make a versatile hair drying and styling product too.

This well-designed travel hair dryer even has a quick ‘cool shot’ button to help set hair in place. The two concentrator attachments that come with it will also help you blow dry your hair with the exact amount of air flow that you like.

The 9-foot long power cord on it has a safety protection switch built into the plug and Osensia backs this travel dryer up with a full one-year warranty too. There is even a removable air filter that will keep lint from getting into the motor and help this hair dryer stay working for a long time.

The Signature Feature on the Osensia Travel Hair Dryer

Osensia Ultra Light Travel Hair Dryer Review - 1875 WattIf you are looking for highlights with this hair dryer besides its great ability to travel, then you can’t help but notice its advanced ceramic and tourmaline inner coatings. These coatings take hair drying to a whole new level.

Having heater and other parts coated with a ceramic finish tends to make the heat that comes out of any hair dryer more consistently even. That means no hot spots that will over dry your hair and damage it. Tourmaline crystals are known to generate negative ions which will remove static electricity from your hair thus making it shine and much easier to style.

Areas That Could Use Improvement with Osensia Travel Hair Dryer

I for one am always disappointed when a company makes a travel dryer that does not have dual voltage capability. After all, a true travel dryer should be one that you can take any place in the world with you as you travel. Sadly this travel dryer only works in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Most of the time a longer power cord would be a blessing but not in the case of this travel dryer. The cord is a generous 9 feet in length but it’s a little to the big and bulky side and that even adds some unnecessary weight to this product.

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Review Summary

This is a very appealing product if it’s truly a travel dryer that you wish to purchase. The Osensia Ultra-Light Travel Hair Dryer offers the travel convenience of being a lightweight and compact size hair dryer. It has some other great features too such as its ceramic/tourmaline inner coatings and its powerful 1875 watts of drying power.

The bulky cord and the fact it’s not a dual voltage dryer are drawbacks that can easily be offset by its other great features. It’s definitely a travel dryer worth taking a long look at if you are shopping for a new one.

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