HSI Professional 1000 Watt Travel Set Review – Ceramic/Infrared Heat

Every once in a while I see a pretty good quality travel hair dryer that maybe does not get the attention it deserves because it comes packaged in a kit. Such is the case with this HSI Professional Travel Set Hair Dryer. It definitely possesses the right combination of size, power, and features that make for a decent quality travel hair dryer. That also makes it worth taking a closer look at. Here is my assessment of the important things you need to know about the HSI Professional Travel Set Hair Dryer.

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Taking a Fast Peek at This Travel Hair Dryer Model

Here is a look at the pros and cons you get with the hair dryer that is included with this nice travel kit:


  • 1000 watt drying power
  • 2 heat settings/2 airflow speeds
  • Ceramic/Infrared heat technology
  • Semi-compact 11.5 x 11.5 x 4 inches
  • Dual voltage capable
  • Includes several bonus hair styling items


  • Handle does not fold
  • The dryer is semi-compact but the entire hair kit is bulky to take with you

This Travel Dryer’s Key Characteristics

For a hair dryer that is considered to be a compact model, the HSI Professional Travel Set Hair Dryer is still adequately powered at 1000 watts. It features 2 heat selections and 2 airspeed selections (one turbo setting) to help you find the right heat and airflow combination for your individual type of hair.

The ceramic tourmaline coating it has on some of its inner working parts is a nice feature too. The negative ions that technology creates will help you dry your hair quicker and reduce the chances that you will develop excess frizz as you dry your hair.

HIS gets it right with the fact they made this a dual voltage hair dryer too. It can be used in both 115V and 230V outlets without a problem. That makes it a very convenient travel dryer to take with you no matter where you go in the world.

The travel styling kit it’s packaged income complete with this dryer, curling iron, flat iron, diffuser, concentrator and even two hair clips to help you as you dry and style your hair.

The Signature Feature on the HSI Professional Travel Set Hair Dryer

Many users agree that the best feature of this travel hair dryer is its combination far infrared and ceramic heat technology. It makes the heat that comes out of this hair dryer very even and work very efficiently. Far infrared heat is also very gentle on your hair because it heats your hair strands from the inside. This combination heat technology is not something you will see often in a compact mini travel dryer.

Areas That Could Use Improvement with This Travel Blow Dryer Model

HSI Professional Travel Set Review - 1000 Watt Hair DryerHIS could have tweaked a few things on this travel dryer to help make it even more portable. Most notably the handle on it does not fold up like you see on many travel dryers. From the top of the dryer to the bottom of the handle this hair dryer measures slightly over 11 inches long. With a handle that can fold that length could be cut nearly in half.

Although this travel dryer is semi-compact it sort of defeats the purpose if you bring the whole kit of hair styling products that comes with it along. When you put it in the bag with the HIS curling iron and flat iron, it becomes a bulky package that takes up space and is hard to pack.

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 Review Summary

There is a lot to like about the HSI Professional Travel Set Hair Dryer. With a few modifications, it could really be a great hair dryer to take with you as you travel. As it stands it’s still not a bad hair travel hair dryer, especially when you consider that it’s part of a well-packaged hair styling kit. Features such as its ceramic/Infrared heat, semi-compact size, and dual voltage capability make it a very useful tool to take with you to dry your hair on your travels. This product is definitely worth taking a closer look at as you are deciding which travel blow dryer to buy.

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