Beautopia Hair VIBRASTRAIT PRO 1 inch Vibrating Review

Are you easily frustrated when it comes to straightening your Afro-American hair? Well if you are you would be in the majority. One thing that will help you greatly when you straighten your black hair is to select the best flat iron to do it with. Many people that straighten their black hair say they have had success doing it with the VIBRAstrait Oscillating Flat Iron. Because of that we thought it might be a good idea to do a review on it. That way you can determine if it might be a flat iron you are interested in purchasing to straighten your black hair.

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Taking a Quick Look at the VIBRAstrait Oscillating Flat Iron

Here is an overview of the good and bad points of this flat iron for black hair use:


  • Tourmaline/ceramic heat plates
  • Innovative vibrating technology
  • Easy digital temperature setting (190°F-450°F)
  • Ready to use in less than 10-seconds
  • 1” wide heat plates
  • 3-Year Warranty


  • The heat plates are a little to the short side in length
  • Slightly heavy for prolonged use at 1.4-pounds

Performance and Versatility

This flat iron from Beautopia Hair has a large variety of temperature choices you can use it at. You can be set digitally to be used anywhere from 190°F-450°F. It also uses an innovative vibrating technology to keep hair sliding smoothly across its hot 1” wide heat plates. This gives you some real advantages when straightening black hair.

It also features ceramic/tourmaline heat plates. That means you can expect this flat iron to be ready to use in less than ten seconds and it will also heat evenly as you are using it. Tourmaline crystals will help your hair retain its all-important moisture and help cut down on frizz. This technology will also stop flyaway hairs which will make even the best black hair straightening job look bad.

Ease of use and Convenience

A little later on we will talk more about this flat irons weight. Its vibrating technology has it weighing in at 1.4 pounds. That is a little higher than we are used to seeing on 1” wide flat irons. The large digital temperature display is easy to set and read.

Safety was factored into its design also. It features an automatic shutoff that will kick in after 50-minutes of non-use. This flat iron has beveled edges which make it nicer to use also. It also comes with a movement enhancing 8-foot power cord with swivel end.

Why is the VIBRAstrait Oscillating Flat Iron so Effective for Straightening Black Hair?

Beautopia Hair VIBRASTRAIT PRO 1" Vibrating Flat Iron ReviewThis flat iron has two outstanding characteristics that make it a preferred model flat iron to use on black hair. One of them is its very high working temperature range. It maxes out at 450°F. Most professional hair stylists will tell you it is in this temperature range that they have the most success at straightening black hair.

Let’s not forget about its innovative vibrating technology either. Although you will barely notice it when you use this flat iron, it allows your hair to slide across the heater plates much easier. It makes this flat iron very efficient at straightening black hair.

Warranty Support and Potential Concerns with the VIBRAstrait Oscillating Flat Iron

This flat iron comes with a very nice warranty. The 3-year warranty it comes with will give you some great peace of mind when you purchase it. Kudos to Beautopia Hair here for standing behind their product.

We did have a few concerns with this flat iron. For one we thought the heat plates were a little bit to the short side as far as length is concerned. It is worth noting we did not find any major complaints about this from user reviews.

This is also a slightly heavy flat iron. It weighs 1.4 pounds. That’s a lot of extra weight when straightening hair if you will be using this flat iron for extended periods of time. Something worth noting if you are a salon professional.

Check The Price on Amazon!

Wrapping up our Thoughts on the VIBRAstrait Oscillating Flat Iron

This is a very interesting design for a flat iron to say the least. Despite the fact that its vibrating technology adds a little weight it works really well too. We all liked what users had to say about it. It had some other really nice features on it too. It was hard not to like its ceramic/tourmaline plate coatings and the fact it’s ready to be used in no time at all after turning it on. Its 3-year warranty period was above average for flat irons for black hair in its price range too.

Overall it would be hard for us not to recommend you take a good long look at this flat iron before you make your final purchasing decision.

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