MHU Professional 1-Inch Professional Review – Negative Ions

Are you tired of trying to straighten your black hair with a flat iron that is overloaded with bells and whistles? Maybe you just need to simplify your black hair straightening process a little to make it go smoother. That may even include using a different flat iron such as the MHU Professional Hair Straightener. Users of this device say it works very well when it comes to straightening black hair. That made us curious enough to take a closer look at it.

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Taking a Quick Glance at the MHU Professional Hair Straightener

Here is a fast look at the good and bad points of this flat iron for black hair use:


  • Can be used at 248℉/356℉/446℉
  • Versatile 1” plate width
  • Great for travel (has dual voltage capability)
  • Negative Ion generator
  • 2-year warranty
  • Includes 2 professional salon clips


  • Only three temp settings
  • Poorly located temperature selection dial

Performance and Versatility

With three wide-ranging heat settings (248℉/356℉/446℉) and a versatile 1” plate size, anyone should be able to straighten their black hair with this flat iron. This dual voltage product is easy to take with you too and can be used anywhere you travel in the world.

One of its best features is its titanium-coated heat plates. They guarantee that this flat iron will be ready to use in under 20-seconds and that it will not lose precious heat as you are straightening your Afro-American hair with it.

There is also negative ion technology built into this flat iron. That is great to know because it takes such a high heat setting to straighten black hair. This negative ion technology helps protect your black hair from damage when using this flat iron at its highest temp setting. It accomplishes this by allowing your hair to retain more of its moisture as you straighten it and by keeping your black hair from getting overrun by frizz.

Ease of use and Convenience

Weighing in at 12.8 ounces you will find this flat iron very easy on your arms to use. That is a big bonus when trying to straighten sometimes stubborn black hair. It’s nicely contoured edges will help keep your black hair from catching on the sides of this flat iron when you straighten it and will also enable you to curl hair with this flat iron too.

You don’t have to worry about restricted movement with this model flat iron either. That’s because it comes with a 9’ long power cord with a 360-degree swivel end. It will also shut itself down automatically after it has not been used for around 60 minutes.

Why is the MHU Professional Flat Iron so Effective at Straightening Fine Hair?

Although it only has three heat settings it can still get the job done straightening black hair. That is because its highest heat setting of 446℉ is plenty enough heat to make any black hair want to straighten right out.

Not only do you need high heat to straighten black hair you need consistent heat too. The MHU Professional Flat Iron checks the box here too thanks to its titanium-coated heat plates. They let this flat iron heat up fast and keep it hot while using it.

Warranty Support and Potential Concerns with the MHU Professional Flat Iron

MHD Professional 1-Inch Hair Straightener ReviewThe warranty of this product can be described as about average for a flat iron in its price range. MHU will stand behind it for a period of 2 full years. It also comes with a no questions asked one-year replacement guarantee.

What are some things we don’t like about this product? One of them is the fact it only has 3 heat setting choices. Although the three heat choices are spread apart nicely we still feel that is a very limited selection that needs improvement.

Our other complaint about this flat iron has to do with its temperature setting too. The dial selection switch is located in an awkward position on the inside of this flat iron’s jaws. It makes it tough to set and to read where your temp is set at.

Check The Price on Amazon!

Summing Up Our Thoughts on the MHU Professional Flat Iron

Despite its limited heat selection we still feel this flat iron will do a nice job straightening your black hair. It has many nice features that will enable you to straighten your Afro-American hair without damaging it too. Its 446℉ high heat tames stubborn black hair adequately and gets it to lay out flat for you. The MHU Professional Flat Iron also features quick heating titanium coated plates and a versatile 1’ plate width. You can even use this flat iron to curl your hair. It’s a flat iron definitely worth considering to use on your black hair before making your final purchase decision.

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