Remington CI96Z1 Silk Ceramic Elliptical 1 inch Review

It’s no secret that your fine type hair can be very difficult to curl and style at times. What makes things even more difficult is attempting to curl your delicate fine hair without damaging it. That is where a curling iron like the Remington CI96Z1 Waving Wand can be very handy to own. Users claim it has all the features necessary to be very gentle and effective when it comes to putting great looking curls in fine hair. Read along with me as I take a closer look at this affordable curling tool and you can decide if maybe it fits your fine hair curling needs too.

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Taking a Quick Look at the Remington CI96Z1 Waving Wand

Remington CI96Z1 Silk Ceramic Elliptical Waving Wand ReviewHere is a quick look at the good and bad characteristics of this quality curling iron that works well on fine hair:


  • Silk/Ceramic infused barrel
  • Ready to use in just 30 seconds
  • Max temperature of 410°F
  • 4-year limited warranty
  • Innovative elliptical shape
  • Digital temp selection and readout


  • No spring clip to help hold the hair in place
  • Not dual voltage capable

Performance and Versatility

Here is a curling wand that lets you set the heat where your fine hair likes it best and is ready to use in just over 30 seconds. The Remington CI96Z1 Waving Wand’s easy to read all digital heat control can be set to be used anywhere from 270°F – 410°F.

This curling iron has a very innovative Silk/Ceramic infused barrel design too. Its elliptical shape makes it easy to catch your fine hair with it and also gives you some flexibility in the size of the curls you can make with it.

Safety and Convenience

Remington obviously took safety very seriously when they designed this curling wand. It has a built-in automatic shutoff that kicks in after 60 mins and they have also included a protective styling glove right in the package too.

It has a very good size 9-foot power cord with attached swivel end that helps maximize your freedom of movement when using it too.

What Makes the Remington CI96Z1 Waving Wand Good to Use on Fine Hair

There are two key features on this curling wand that make it an excellent choice to use on fine hair.
For starters it has the heat adjustability that so many people with fragile fine hair really like. Its digitally adjusted temperature can be set anywhere from 270°F – 410°F. If you start out on the lowest setting and slowly increase the heat to where your fine hair curls easily, then this curling wand should not cause any hair damage.

The Silk/Ceramic coated barrel enhances this curling wands ability to safely curl fine hair too. Because of the ceramic coating the barrel produces very even heat and the infusion of real silk proteins helps protect hair even further and gives it some shine too.

Customer Support and Potential Concerns with this Curling Iron

Remington is a big company with an extensive customer service department that is easy to contact. They also back the Remington CI96Z1 Waving Wand up with a very generous 4-year limited warranty. To be frank a 4-year limited warranty is pretty amazing when it is attached to a product that is affordable as this curling wand.

One of the concerns that I have with this product is the fact it has no spring clip on its barrel to help hold your hair in place as you curl it. Also, don’t make any plans to take this with you as you travel overseas because it has no dual voltage capability that will allow it to be used in 230V outlets.

Check The Price on Amazon!

Some Final Thoughts on the Remington CI96Z1 Waving Wand

Without a doubt, this is a very impressive hair curling tool at the affordable price you will pay for it. It has many features you would expect to only find on a much higher priced curling wand. The Remington CI96Z1 Waving Wand can work magic when curling your fine hair because of such things as its fully adjustable heat settings, easy to use elliptical barrel design and its protective Silk/Ceramic coated barrel. If you want to safely curl your fine hair but don’t want to break the bank to do it, the Remington CI96Z1 Waving Wand is certainly one that should be high up on your list of choices.

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