Panasonic Nano Care EH-NA97 Review – Innovative Nano Technology

Are you looking for a hair dryer that is easy on your fine hair and has some very innovative technology built into it also? Then Panasonic may have the best hair dryer for you. It’s called the Panasonic Nano Care pink EH-NA97. This hair dryer is loaded with nice features that make it ideal to use on fine or very sensitive hair types. Let’s take a little closer look at it so you can get an idea of whether it’s the right hair dryer for your fine hair.

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Taking a Fast Look at Panasonic Nano Care EH-NA97 Hair Dryer

Panasonic Nano Care EH-NA97 Hair Dryer ReviewHere is a brief overview of the pros and cons you get with the Panasonic Nano Care pink EH-NA97


  • 1200 watt drying power
  • Innovative Nano technology
  • 3 heat settings/2 air speed settings
  • Cool shot button
  • Dual voltage capable
  • Quick drying nozzle


  • Slightly heavy (1.3 pounds)
  • Instructions could be better

The Key Features on this Panasonic Nano Care pink EH-NA97

This hair drying tool is not overly powerful at 1200 watts but that is more than enough heat and airflow to get the job done on fine and normal types of hair. As a matter of fact, with three heat settings and two airspeed settings you can easily set it where it works perfectly for your individual hair type.

Not only is the Panasonic Nano Care pink EH-NA97 versatile, but it also is dual voltage capable. That means you can use it in the USA or other non-North American countries that have 220-volt electricity without any concerns. All you will need to do is have an adapter that lets it fit into the outlet style of the country you are visiting. Since it is not overly big that means this hair dryer is not a bad option to take with you as you travel.

The Panasonic Nano Care pink EH-NA97 has some other features that are very likable too. These include its handy cool shot button and the way the quick-drying attachment really concentrates the stream of air that comes out of it. The 7-foot power cord it has is more than adequate too.

Why Panasonic Nano Care EH-NA97 Works Well on Fine Hair

You just can’t beat Panasonic’s Nanotechnology version when it comes to drying sensitive and delicate fine hair. The secret behind this technology is how much moisture it will help your fine hair retain even when you are drying it with hot air.

Its water holding capacity is hundreds of times more capable than the regular negative ion technology that many hair dryers now use. That is some serious moisture that leads directly to healthier fine hair even after styling it. Nanotechnology even has a similar PH to your hair roots and scalp so that is very beneficial too.

Areas That Could Use Improvement with Panasonic Nano Care EH-NA97

Even though this hair dryer is not unusually large it has some thickness and some weight to it. I guess you could say its more weight than you would expect from a moderately powerful 1200 watt hair dryer. It weighs 1.3 pounds and that does not take into account the extra weight of the thick power cord.

Many users were not pleased with the instructions that came with it either. They are brief, written in small letters and also written in several different languages. This fine product has so many features you can’t get the most out of using it without having good, concise directions.

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Review Summary

Even though it appears this hair dryer is slightly underpowered and it can feel a bit heavy after using it for a long time, those things certainly should not turn off potential buyers who have fine hair that want to use it on. The Nanotechnology that’s built into it is perfect for people with fine or delicate hair. It’s also a hair dryer that has a generous assortment of speed and temperature choices to even better adjust it to your fine hair’s needs. You should definitely consider the Panasonic Hair Dryer Nano Care pink EH-NA97 if you want to buy a hair dryer that will safely dry your fine hair.

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