Remington CI96X1B T|Studio Silk Ceramic Review – Auto Shutoff

Are you having trouble putting well defined and long lasting curls into your thick hair? That is not surprising at all because it’s a common problem among people that have thicker than normal hair.

According to some curling iron users with thick hair, they have had great success adding curls with the Remington Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand. It is something that we have been hearing so often it definitely caught our attention. That is why we have decided to research and review this curling wand to see if it can do everything that these thick haired users say it can.

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Taking a Fast Look at the Remington Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand

Remington CI96X1B T|Studio Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand ReviewHere is a quick glance at the good and bad things you get with this curling iron that does a nice job on thicker hair:


  • 6 heat settings (270°F – 410°F)
  • 1″- 1½” tapered conical barrel
  • Silk ceramic infusion
  • Digital readout and heat selection
  • 4-year limited warranty
  • Included protective styling glove


  • On/off switch and temperature set buttons are easy to accidentally hit
  • Not dual voltage capable

Performance and Versatility

For an extremely affordable priced curling iron this one definitely has many things to like about it. It has 6 adjustable heat settings that range from 270°F – 410°F. That means you will definitely be able to find a temperature setting that works well to help you curl even the thickest hair. The temperature is set by using the digital control buttons located near the handle and the temp can be locked in place too.

Among its other good features are its 1″- 1½” tapered conical barrel and silk ceramic infused barrel. The tapered barrel makes it a very versatile curling wand and the silk ceramic technology prevents damage to your thick hair in several ways.

Safety and Convenience

There are many safety features built into this curling one and some added ones in the package too. It features a 60-minute auto shutoff switch, has a protective cool tip and comes with an insulated styling glove too.

You don’t have to worry about freedom of movement with the Remington Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand either. It comes with a salon length 8-feet power cord that has an attached swivel end to help keep the cord from winding around itself as you use it.

Why is the Remington Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand so Effective for Curling Thick Hair?

There are two features that make this curling iron work great on thick hair. It all starts with its high heat settings (410°F) that allow you to mold your thick hair into the type of curls that you want.

The other feature that makes it ideal to use on thick hair is the 1″- 1½” tapered conical barrel. This means the Remington Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand will work on both short and long hair and it will also allow you to put different size curls and waves in your thick hair too.

Warranty Support and Potential Concerns with the Remington Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand

The Remington Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand comes backed up by an outstanding warranty. If you purchase it you will get all the benefits of its 4-year limited warranty.

There were no super-big complaints about this product either. Some users noted that the on/off button and the digital temperature selection switches were placed poorly on the handle of this curling wand. That made them easy to accidentally hit.

This compact and lightweight curling wand is also the perfect travel companion. That is unless you are traveling to a country outside the USA that has 220V electricity. Sadly, Remington chose not to make this curling iron dual voltage compatible.

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A Few Final Thoughts on the Remington Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand

Overall this is a high-quality curling wand for the budget-friendly price you can buy it for. All the complaints about it from users seemed to be minor in nature and by no means deal breakers. You have to like an affordable curling wand that has a versatile tapered barrel, multiple digital heat settings, and a silk ceramic infused barrel. We think this curling wand will work great on all types of thick hair and you should definitely consider it before making your next curling iron purchase.

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