Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Curl XL Review

If you have tried to curl your thick hair using your friend’s curling iron for thin hair you probably did not have much success with that. It definitely takes a specific curling iron to be able to handle what thick hair demands in order for it to curl easily and turn out looking great. That is why we are constantly searching for curling irons such as this one from Paul Mitchell that we think will do a great job on your thick hair. Read along with us as we take a closer look at the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Curl.

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Taking a Fast Look at the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Curl

PM Pro Tools Express Ion Curl XL Curling Iron ReviewHere is a quick glance at the good and bad things you get with this curling iron that does a nice job on shorter hair:


  • Large 1 ½” barrel size
  • Ceramic coated barrel
  • Temperature lock button
  • Digital temperature setting
  • Bigger spring clamp to hold more hair
  • 400°F Max temperature


  • Only a 1 year limited warranty
  • Poor cord end design

Performance and Versatility

This is a really easy to use curling iron that has many features that you will like. It all starts with its 1 ½” aluminum barrel with ceramic crystal coating. This ensures that this curling iron will heat up fast and the heat it produces will be distributed very evenly throughout the entire length of its barrel.

It also has several different heat settings above 350°F that is the minimum desired temperature to help curl your thick hair. The highest heat setting is 400°F which is high enough to help break down even the strongest protein bonds so it can be reshaped.

The large size spring clamp that is built into this Paul Mitchell Pro curling iron will nicely hold even the thickest hair in place as you go to curl it.

Safety and Convenience

This is a pretty safe curling iron to use. It has a large spring clip attached to it so you never have to get your fingers close to the barrel as you are styling your hair. That is not the only safety feature that you get with it though. There is also a built-in auto shutoff switch which prevents accidents in case you forget to turn your curling iron off after you used it.

The digital display screen and temperature selection is a nice feature that lets you accurately see what the temperature is that this curling iron is currently operating at. This curling iron comes with a standard 8-foot power chord that has a somewhat low quality swivel end attached to it.

Why is the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Curl so Effective for Curling Thick Hair?

There are two big reasons why the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Curl does a great job curling thick hair.
The first reason it has the high heat that it takes to break the strong protein bonds in thicker hair. Its heat maxes out at a very nice 400°F. That is enough to make even the thickest hair want to cooperate as you change it into curls.

It has a very good barrel design too. This Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Curl has a 1 ½ inch barrel. That is large enough to provide the bigger surface that you need to heat up sometimes stubborn, thick hair.

Warranty Support and Potential Concerns with the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Curl

The warranty on this curling is not very impressive considering it’s made by a reputable company like Paul Mitchell. It only covers a period of 1-year. We definitely feel this could be longer since this product is so well constructed. It’s something Paul Mitchell needs to take a serious look at for sure.

One drawback we see when using this curling iron has to be the fact that the swivel end is not made to be high quality. It does not swivel properly all the time and this results in the cord getting tangles once in a while as you use this carling iron. This certainly could be a manufacturing problem that has an easy fix to it.

Check The Price on Amazon!

A Few Final Thoughts on the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Curl

Overall it’s safe to say this is a fairly impressive curling iron for the fair price you pay for it. Sure the warranty is unsatisfactory and there are a few minor problems with the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Curl but we quite frankly don’t see them being deal breakers by any means. It has the high heat and large barrel size that thick hair needs to be curled properly. It is definitely one of the best curling irons for thick hair that you should check out more before making your final purchase.

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