Chi Classic Tourmaline Pro Ceramic Review – Auto Rotating

Are you a salon professional that often gets pain in your hands and wrists from the demands your job places on those body parts every day? Then you need to seriously consider investing in products like this automatic rotating curler from Chi. It can really make life easier on your all-important hand and wrist areas as you go about curling and styling your clients’ hair every day. Join me as I take a closer look at this curling iron to see if it may be the right type of curling iron for your professional needs.

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Taking a Quick Look at the Chi Pro Auto Rotating Curler

Chi Pro Auto Rotating Ceramic Curling Iron ReviewHere is a quick look at the good and bad characteristics of this professional quality curling iron:


  • 1” automatic rotating barrel
  • Ceramic infusion
  • Ready to use in 30 seconds
  • Easy to read digital temperature display
  • 410 degree max heat
  • Spins both left and right


  • 1 inch barrel is not great for making big and bouncy curls
  • Short attached spring clip
  • Performance and Versatility

Without a doubt the best feature on this Chi Pro Auto Rotating Curling Iron is its rotating barrel. All it takes is a quick press of a conveniently located button to spin this curling iron’s barrel in either direction.

If you are a salon professional it will save a lot of wear and tear on your hands and wrists every day.

You can also digitally select any working temperature you want with it up to 410F. The barrel on the Chi Pro Auto Rotating Curler is ready to use in less than 30 seconds and heats very evenly due to the fact it is coated with ceramic crystals.

It does have an attached ceramic clamp but some people may not find it to be very helpful due to its extremely small length.

Safety and Convenience

The Chi Pro Auto Rotating Curling Iron does have an automatic shutoff time built into it but sadly there is no built in heat shield or included anti-burn glove to help protect your fingers from getting burned while using it.

Its power cord is a decent sized 7-foot in length and comes with an attached emergency shutoff breaker and a convenient swivel end for extra freedom of movement when using it.

Hair Type the Chi Pro Auto Rotating Curler is Best Used On

The max temperature of 410F on this curling iron limits its versatility a little bit. That means if you have exceptionally thick or course hair it may not produce a high enough heat to curl it the way you like it. It’s a very good product to use on fine or thin hair though. This is due to your ability to digitally select lower heat choices and the even heating ceramic coated barrel you get with the Chi Pro Auto Rotating Curler.

Customer Support and Potential Concerns with this Curling Iron

Chi is not the always the easiest company to get in touch with when it comes to concerns or complaints with their products. Also, the warranty that comes with the Chi Pro Auto Rotating Curler is a very basic 1-year warranty.

I did have a few concerns with this Chi curling Iron. The medium diameter 1-inch barrel size may cause a few problems if you are trying to make big bouncy curls with it. Also, the spring clip that is affixed to the barrel is very short in length which may make it tough to catch and curl thicker and longer hair.

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Some Final Thoughts on the Chi Pro Auto Rotating Curler

There is a lot to like about this curling iron and a few concerns with it that may not make it great for some users too. It does a great job of making medium to small size curls on all but the thickest and coarsest hair types. The easy to work automatic rotating barrel is a big bonus to have on any curling iron and its ceramic barrel heats up quickly an evenly. The Chi Pro Auto Rotating Curler is definitely a product worth considering for purchase by any salon professional that has previously suffered from hand or wrist problems while they work.

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